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Separate Histories, Common Challenges - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Noble
(from Hershel) Could you please plug the Spokane County Human Rights Task Force hate reporting tool: ReportHateBias.org. Meant for anyone to use who has personally experienced or witnessed a hate event in order to document such events in our county.
Helene & Paul Paroff
in Olympia as also had Patriot Front stencil their logo over a BLM banner
Nancy N
white supremacist flyers posted at community garden in Pullman, WA
Neal Schindler (Jewish Family Services)
Jeremy Press Taylor
comment: anti-CRT is alive and well also on this side of the boarder too. In Spokane and, even more aggressively in the Central Valley School district.
Angella and Tyson
I was wondering if this will be posted somewhere and also if there would be a bibliography posted anywhere of recommended reading
Shirley Grossman
How can we have an impact on the bigotted thinking when so many people are exposing themselves to only one point of view?
Sandy Altshuler
I have concerns about the increasing antisemitism among African Americans (eg. BLM national). I would like to hear from both Kiantha and Dr. Finnie--what can we as white American Jews specifically do to help repair, on our side or even how to respond?
Pam Silverstein
fyi varying percentage of Jews of Color ranges from 8-
Miriam Berkman
I know this has been addressed to a degree by Dr. Finnie and Ms. Duncan. But I’d like to know how we can create a human understanding of racism in our country? Recently, in one of the Jewish Film Festival Films, Kiss Me Kosher a German woman has a moment in which she recognizes, experiences as a human being the Holocaust instead of just a German. It struck me as similar to some many White Americans as seeing slavery, Jim Crow and anti-black racism instead as members of humanity.
Neal Schindler (Jewish Family Services)
The article I posted is: "Op-Ed: Rabbi Sharon Brous: Why Jews should support reparations for slavery" from the LA Times. A worthwhile read.
Pam Silverstein
15% of Jews in the US
When guest speakers share from two different lived experiences with students of diverse backgrounds, what caveats apply re: the current Israeli government power-over management toward inhabitants of Palestine?
Temple Beth Shalom
Considering the tension between dehumanization (similar to what the late Desmund Tutu talks about), its corruption on our social 'soul,' and critical theory and its purposeful disruptive approach to power structures to achieve social progress, how can we combat (offensively) the organized approach we face from hate/white supremacy groups (which are finding mainstream support in modern sociopolitical forums)? Thank you!
Temple Beth Shalom
-Matt Krauz
Jeremy Press Taylor
question: what can we as Jews get involved in this work? and how do we more effectively
Pam Silverstein
8-15% of American Jewry is JOC (clarification)
Jeremy Press Taylor
how do we more effectively engage, have discussions with those that don't agree, in the schools or elsewhere. how do we advance the narrative presented today more widely?
Jeremy Press Taylor
what is the relationship between latah task force and Spokane human rights task force? can that alliance become stronger?
Amanda & Erica Oropeza
similar to Jeremy's question -- thoughts about how to talk about this within the white Jewish community about the similarities and how crucial our participation is in anti racism, particularly anti-black racism work? Especially in the context of the concerns of security Dr. Braune was talking about. It's something I heard in regards to the protests that happened summer 2020 about staying away as Jews because of the presence of white supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys. As a white Jewish person myself, I didn't have this security concern for myself and felt this thread of connection between our oppression and importance of doing this work together. Thank you for this panel!
Amanda & Erica Oropeza
(Amanda Oropeza)
Cathy Reynolds (she/her)
Yes, please!
Larry Weiser
I would like to see this conversation continue.
Helene & Paul Paroff
Thanks very much for this session.
steven Silverstein
Many thanks to sll present!
P Faith Hayflich
Can we have a part 2?
Nan Smith
Thank you to all participants
Miriam Berkman
Thank all of you for so many thoughtful comments and inspiring discussion
Sandy Altshuler
agreed. this is so important.
Pam Silverstein
thanks all! so excellent!
Nancy N
Thank you to Spokane Favs who sent the info about this
Catherine Ferguson
Is the recording of this going to be available on line?
Jeremy Press Taylor
thanks so much, panelists and organizers! wonderful discussion. hopefully more to come!
Noa M.
Thank you! This was definitely worth the time. I learned a lot and appreciate the idea of banding together, not fleeing.
Iris Berenstien
the recording will be posted soon on www.spokanetbs.org
Cathy Reynolds (she/her)
Yasher Koach!
Steven Daley Laursen
a recording of this?
Shirley Grossman
Thank you so very much - please let this continue!
I am reeling, once again, with the gravity of this situation. Yet I am heartened at the thought of the positive possibilities. Thank you so much!
Julie Morris
Very meaningful- looking forward to part 2 Thanks