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Jewish Community Campus Town Hall on Reopening - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Alperin
• Welcome & Introductions of leadership/steering committee- Judy Alperin, CEO• Update & Overview of Facilityo What’s been done so far (physical plant)o Markings/Signage/Guidanceo Communications• Update & Overview of Programmingo Campo Swimming Poolo Fitness Center & Fitness Activitieso Recreation/Sportso Beverly Levy Early Childhood Centero Libraryo Afterschoolo Federationo Foundation• Next Steps• Q&A
Karen Fenichel
can the dog barking stop pls
lynn arezzini
My son Karl has autism and attends Chapel Haven. Is he able to swim and have his aide with him to assist? He would wear a mask on his way into the pool and on the way out.
anne sommer
a few suggestions: (1) in the pool area, can you set up a powerful floor fan in front of the door at the far end of the pool, blowing air outside. this would keep the air moving out of the building and improve circulation for everyone’s health and safety, covid19-wise. (2) please add a toilet seat to the toilet in the bathroom just outside the pool area. (this has to do with the “plume” issue that’s been discussed regarding safety during the pandemic). (3) what’s the water temperature in the pool? (4) is there still an outdoor pool at the JCC, and could it be used for lap swimming? thank you.
Karen Fenichel
where are the pickle ball courts?
Barbara Zalesch
Half of the gymnasium
red citi
Shalom everyone!My question is about the future of JCC.Covid-19 having a tremendous impact on small businesses and communities throughout the state of Connecticut.General Membership question:What percentage of members have returned to the JCC facility, how many continue to support JCC, and how many dropped out?Do you think implementing the best safety measures would have deep impact on the future of JCC?Question to the JCC membership team:Have you conducted a survey of the JCC membership to solicited their opinion on safety and member’s comfort to return/use JCC facilities?If yes, can you share any details?If Not, why this was not done?Question to JCC CFO:During the past JCC meeting with management, I remember the operational cost to run JCCNH is over 1 million dollars (more or less), looking forward. Will this number increase due to Covid-19 safety rules implemented at JCC?Can you share the extra cost for the safety standards at JCC?
lynn arezzini
Karl’s aide is not in the water just stands at the side to watch his belongings and assist him from outside the pool.
Bruce Spiewak
Does the JCC work with Insurance Companies and the SilverSneakers Programto provide facilities for SeniorCiotizens? How odes that woirk withMembership?
Miriam Grossman
I have a question about the Federation.
Marc Mann
What can we do to fill the void left by the closing of the Hamden/North Haven YMCA?
Miriam Grossman
During the pandemic, I looked at the Federation’s website to look at food resources available to those in need, especially for those who need kosher food. I saw food pantry info and a service where someone would buy groceries for you for money but nothing involving prepared kosher food being made available. in NYC where my parents live, there was free Kosher food available to seniors and children. Also, I saw the Miami Jewish Federation had 24/7 counseling hotline for those in need. What counseling hotline services were available with this Federation?
Larry Shanbrom
I had sent in a question earlier about the reopening of spa facilities (showers, lounge, etc)
Bruce Spiewak
Are showers being made available to swimmers in accordance with the Department ofHealth Reguations?
red citi
Have you conducted a survey of the JCC membership to solicited their opinion on safety and member’s comfort to return/use JCC facilities?If yes, can you share any details? If Not, why this was not done?
Marina Yazdi
would you consider opening up the outdoor pool to families on the weekend and after camp session is over?
Shannon Lane
Craig from the recreation committee asked me to share with everyone that they did two surveys for the recreation programs as well.
Bruce Spiewak
I recommend that you get written confirmation from thje Quinnipac Valley Health Distri ct regarding showering at home before entering the pool, inorder to protect membership and learers and staff from exposure andlitigation.
Marina Yazdi
thank you and thanks for everything you are doing!
Jeffrey Hoos DMD
thank you all for being here
Judy Alperin
We are so grateful to all of you. Thank you so very much!
red citi
Can JCC request financial help from CT state, after all they have power to regulate how JCC operates…
Miriam Grossman
The Chesire Community Pool also forbids on site showers before or after using their pool