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How to get ready to raise funding - Pitch like a pro with  Nick Telson - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Barwell - Home Grown
Thanks for coming along this evening to join the conversation with Nick and Barnaby.... Any questions there will be the chance to ask them at the end or please feel free to them in the chat box as we go along.. We are recording the session which will share following the conversation... Enjoy the discussion!
Shernaz Engineer
Love Design my night
Florian Richter
what do you think about the Guy Kawasaki 10 slide format, Nick?
William Maughan
With regard to the value proposition how much validation do you want to see and in what form…
Braden Harris
Is a 2-page teaser enough to get interest? I would rather present the pitch deck in person/on zoom, reveal the story, etc. rather than have an investor flick through the whole thing and risk them not understanding the context.
Sophie Billi-Hardwick
Once you receive a pitch deck and you decide you want to know more, which format do you recommend for this first meeting? Going through the pitch deck slide by slide or just an ‘informal’ discussion?
William Maughan
What equity should one expect to give with say 1.5mil valuation pre revenue?
Florian Richter
You said your sweet spot was under £4m, is that pre or post money?
Thish De Zoysa
Sorry. May have missed it, but how long will you hold for b4 looking for an exit?
Elissa Grey
What time horizon are you looking for your exit
Sophie @billi_ldn
How much of a marketing plan do you want to see? How much details? Are you expecting a month by month planning on how the money raised is going to be spent?
Gabriel Isserlis
So I have a marketplace (which you know - Tutti) - we have a lot of people requesting to book through our site, but we have our supply rejecting a lot of the requests. Is that enough proof of interest for you or do you only count actual transacted sales proof of value in the company?
Richard Chambers
would you ever considering in investing Series A, B , C which has min ticket, i.e. buying in along with others, if you could see the business going well beyond £50m val, so the founder can avoid VCs?
Paul Adrian
Should you put a page in on the effect of Covid ?
Gabriel Isserlis
How do you expect to get your money out? Does the company have to exit to a bigger fish or can you get your money out when the company raises future rounds? Like when VCs come in?
Richard Chambers
except if it is EIS money right? As it has to stay in the business
Gabriel Isserlis
Will you change your opinion on someone you’ve said no to in the past? How much can someone chase you if they really want you on board, before you tell them to get the message and it’s a definite no? Do you enjoy being chased or do you want people to get the message quickly?
Gabriel Isserlis
What changed in your background that you blurred it out this time? Last time we were on a call, it was not blurred. :)
Richard Chambers
Can you talk about the earn out period? What is acceptable? Who sets the KPIs? What was it like?
Max Devlin
How does your startup studio work?
Emanuil Halicioglu
Thank you so much Nick and Barnaby!
Patrick Venn
Cheers everyone!
Pippa Watmough
Thanks very much 🙂
Jack Rogers
Thank you !
Sarah Davis
Thank you