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Leading through Uncertainty – Part 2: The Other Side - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Goris
Hello Everyone, welcome to the webinar. Joe Fischer and I are monitoring the chat today. Please feel free interact with us and your fellow participants here throughout the webinar. If you have questions for the panel please put them in the Q&A box.
Chris Goris
Happy Monday Mark, great to have you with us
Chris Goris
Some great comments coming through, As you comment please select "All Panellists and attendees" so that others on the webinar can see your insights.
Gillian Wood
There’s a significant emotional and energy overhead with constant adaptation - we’ve called it ‘agile’ in the past, but even then, there were guidelines. The challenge is managing this on top of increasing BAU work
Peter Watson
getting things done without supv put pressure on leadership to scope , specify better to be able to measure outputs , , More pressure on managers to manage
Sara King
Our organisation had already done a lot of work around flexible working, possibly up to 60% of our workforce was already utilising some sort of flexible work practices. We were able to pivot really quickly on the basis of the cultural and infrastructure work so that 99% of our workforce has been working from home. Now we're trying to work out what lessons we've learned and want to keep as we start to return to work
Sara King
we're starting to use a change leadership approach to plan for return to workplace
Mark Wiggins
Likewise Sara, and the exciting step is working through the lessons and which ones we will need for the next stage and what do we still need to learn.
Sangeeta Pilger
I am curious about whether there will be a preference in the workplace for training that allows face to face connection again or virtual training. Self Determination Theory talks about the importance of connection as motivator. What type of connection will be motivating? Interested to hear panellist and attendee perspectives
Lauren Houghton
Overproductivity emerging, many feeling drained, burnt out hours sitting back to back Webex telecon WhatsApp.. Too much availability and too little stepping back and reenerhi
Lauren Houghton
Reenergising.. 😊
Joe Fischer
Great observations Lauren. Many thanks!
Mark Wiggins
Will need to be a mix of both Sangeeta. You can only do so much remotely and there will definitely a need still for in person contact.
Joe Fischer
Thanks Mark.
Sangeeta Pilger
Thanks Mark. I agree that technology is helpful but also has its limits
Lauren Houghton
Interesting question, Sangeeta. Have heard clients talk about changing their physical bricks and mortar fit out, to create more social Connection, spaces. Commercial leasing space decrease, yet more social friendly environments as fit out, beyond the usual "collaborative working spaces".. Social spaces without emphasis on "working"
Lauren Houghton
The ease in which many managers, teams made the shift to remote working, seems to have brought out, greater empathy and compassion.. Managers intentionally having 1-1 that don't focus on work issues at all.. Checking in emotionally..
Lorraine Farah
Interesting perspectives shared here. I am working with a few large organisations and have noticed that the degree of empathy with employees has been very varied. Some are as per your comments Lauren, yet others are noticing a lot of micromanagement - which is increasing stress and ability to meet outcomes as people adjust, including home schooling. Im curious as to the sustainability of the good behaviours some leaders are displaying
Sara King
You've really got to amplify some of the routines that build connection and relatedness.
Lyn Baker
some of the organisations I work with have done pulse surveys to see how their people are feeling about working from home and what worries them about ultimatey returning to work. I think this is one of those small steps that will build trust
Joe Fischer
Thanks Lyn. Very valuable input.
Peta Irvine
Our clients are desperate for face-to-face. Are looking at doing smaller groups to accommodate spacing limits but the feel the relationship and creativity parts that Viriginia is talking about happen much better face to face.
Joe Fischer
Great point Roy. There's a real conflict here that will need to be resolved.
Chris Goris
What would you like us to cover in future webinars? Let us know here or you can reach out to Mehul mjoshi@smgrp.com.au
Lauren Houghton
Thanks so much!
Liz Schenke
This webinar was excellent. Thanks to everyone involved!!
Alison Brady
Thank yo
Lorraine Farah
Thank you ! Was great !
Sangeeta Pilger
Thank you. Enjoyed it