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Gary Briggs - Social Media and Election 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jill Christians
can you pls repeat the swing states with post Nov 3 mail in counting?
Susan Stewart
Do you have insight into the senate race? How possible is it to flip the senate?
Peter Ostrow
If you were to recommend the best 1-3 sources of impartial data to stay abreast of election results, what would they be? 538 has been my go-to, and I guess they were "less wrong" than most others in 2016. Cook? Pravda?
Jim Kallman
Do you think FL and AZ will be called on election night?
Peter Ostrow
Are there any senatorial races that will be impacted by the mail-in, voter suppression, or other issues that will be impacting the presidential race?
Salil Mehta
What do you think about Twitter’s designation of specific tweets as being false, or blocking tweets wishing death on Trump…. And, what is the main reason that FB has strongly said they won’t go in that direction? What reforms would you advocate for FB?
Jill Christians
How do you track domestic vs. international 'shenanigans'?
Keith Stein
For those interested in combating voter suppression I recommend following and supporting Mark Elias at https://www.democracydocket.com/
Amy Golden
what about the disinformation campaign targeted at Latin popularions in FL? painting Biden as a radical left socialist
Susan Stewart
How much has Bloomberg actually spent in Florida so far and what is he spending it on?
darcy travlos
How many states will be determined on election day?
Jeffrey Anderson
Could you describe the process FB uses to discover disinformation and what it does after discovered?
Jill Christians
What are some of the best actions we can take to help support GOTV and fight voter suppression, other than giving $?
Keith Stein
Compared to 2016 are you confident that the Dems have caught up in digital campaigning compared to the GOP (and the Russians)?
Susan Stewart
ITs the FRRC Education Fund to pay for the felons’ fines.
Jan Goodheart
Florida Rights Restoration Coalition - I believe
Douglas Ulene
Looking 2+ years out, do you have any sense of how the 2020 Census is going to impact the map in future elections?
Jim Kallman
What are your odds of a FL victory for Biden?
Dauna Williams
Thank you!!