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GEC Tracking the Green Recovery webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Emily Benson
Feel free to use the chat to ask questions or comment as we go.
Ben Martin
FYI a recording of this meeting and Chris' slides will be available for download on our site after this meeting is completed. We'll send the link in a couple of days
Eco Matser (Hivos)
I was wondering how international finance from OECD countries and multilateral institutions for green and inclusive economy support (or not) is taken into account
Tom Bigg
I was wondering this too - also whether 'embedded carbon' is factored in to rich country analysis.
Jeremie Fosse (eco-union)
What is also challenging is to track what is “out of the big picture”, potentially “brown” investments financed by “regular” national budgets, that could conflict with the green/inclusive agenda.
Chris Hopkins
Would love to here more of your thoughts Jeremie - having been on the data journey with us on the tracker :)
Najma Mohamed
A geat point Jeremie, our partners in India are conducting an analysis of both the national budget and the economic recovery plan - so that they get the full picture of the green/inclusive agenda.
Jeremie Fosse (eco-union)
I would also highlight that GEC tracker is by and for civil society actors, big difference with other trackers !
Aline Brandstatter - EC / INTPA
On a wider note for an inclusive and environment-friendly recovery, the Council of the EU just adopted its conclusions last Friday: whttps://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2021/04/23/council-reaffirms-team-europe-s-commitment-to-the-global-fight-against-the-pandemic/
Gabriele Wagner
A follow-up question and comment. There is certainly within existing trackers an unequal balance of green/social costs/benefits. Often social dimension is only measured and tracked in terms of jobs. Structural economic change that reduces poverty and enhances a just transition.
Najma Mohamed
Apologies I have to leave for another call.
Chris Hopkins
Fully agree Gabriele, something we tried to address in the 4 'people' policies in the tracker - process, inclusion policies in there, not just 'output' policies on green jobs
Jeremie Fosse (eco-union)
Also a major (futur) challenge is to monitor the implementation of Policies on the field: The assessment of “practices” at national and local level will be much needed in the coming months/years !
Gabriele Wagner
Part of the issue is that after a year many actors call for lessons to be shared and yet we do not find easy good stories particularly in our partner countries in the South. Would be very interested in learning more from Marysol Green Recovery Plan for Amazonas.
Aline Brandstatter - EC / INTPA
Apologies as I need to head to another meeting - thank you very much for convening this roundtable!
Jeremie Fosse (eco-union)
Benchmarking and sharing good practices between countries could be indeed very helpful
Gabriele Wagner
Guntur, GIZ/UNEP GET and Green Fiscal Policy Network is supporting also the Min. Finance in IDN on Green Fiscal Policies. Are you aware of this work? I could connect to the colleague if needed. Thres S.
Eco Matser (Hivos)
Thanks for the great presentation and research. I especially like the methodology that accommodates and invites civil society to add and get inspirations from the examples and build towards stronger advocacy in all countries. I am happy to share with colleagues and partners in our networks.
Jeremie Fosse (eco-union)
Building and disseminating Transformative narratives is also a key asset of the GEC tracker !
Chris Hopkins
On Guntur's question, prioritisation this Hepburn et al paper really did this for UK and is a good modelhttps://www.smithschool.ox.ac.uk/publications/wpapers/workingpaper20-02.pdf
Guntur Sutiyono
Hi Gabrielle, we work with the UNDP, and may have heard a few about what GIZ is doing. But I am super keen to hear more to make sure we do not miss those. Thanks so much
Gabriele Wagner
GIZ is also working currently on two more reports a) Green Recovery stories and b) capacity building support to countries on green recovery. We are also considering working on the issue of debt restructuring.
Marysol Goes
Gabriele, we do not have good stories coming from the national level yet (unfortunately). We do not seem to have a green recovery plan coming from Brazilian government. However GCF - Governors' Climate & Forests Task Force (Legal Amazon Consortium) are drafting a green recovery plan and Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS/Amazon GEC) alongside other local organizations were invited to contribute and help to disseminate the plan throughout the Amazon States.
Elize Hattingh
A Roadmap for a Green Recovery it is a great tool
Marysol Goes
it will be great to find ways to share how this subnational plan moves forward
Guntur Sutiyono
@Gabriele, that is interesting, I will drop you a message, would be lovely to be connected to GIZ and UNEP colleagues
Gabriele Wagner
Indeed, it would be great if it could be shared. ZAF ERRP is not yet a green recovery plan as such I would say
Tom Bigg
Thanks for an excellent presentation and discussion - got to go to another meeting
Stuart Worsley
I have to run. Good conversation
Andrew Norton
I need to leave now too - well done to all !
Gabriele Wagner
I think that this is a great opportunity. Thank you very much for inviting us. If possible I would like potentially to invite a few colleagues to learn and support such work and advocacy.
Marysol Goes
Thank you Emily and Bem for organizing this event!
Ruth Mayne
Thanks very much