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Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching – Deepening Your Craft - Shared screen with speaker view
Tracy Hjorth
A lot of reflections and practice. Being open-minded and trusting my gut wisdom when I felt like it was not a great session then heading back to the books/studies/coach mentors
Ellen Corey
I am working on mindfulness eating. I tend to eat when I am nervous when I have to go out of my comfort level .
Erin Davis
I'm new to a lot of this, but I struggle with asking open ended questions that allow the client to "discover" their just right solution.
Erin Davis
Tracy Hjorth
As the Coach, you asked clarifying questions, you reflected back what you heard she was saying and allowing space for her to express her feelings. I liked how you asked "tell me more about your worry". I like how you asked her to put herself in that situation so she can reflect on her experience, you pulled out the positivity of her preparedness and got to the root of her worry. I loved your open ended question for reassurance for her worry and giving her the opportunity to problem solve. Noticing the "I language" was an "aha" moment for her and then your reflection allowed her to see her own personal empowerment . I also loved how you invited her to use her new thought and put it directly into action and then ended with accountability :)
Ellen Corey
Yes, I answered the questions with compassion for myself
Ellen Corey
I knew the answer inside it was buried until I answered the question
Tracy Hjorth
Awesome! Thank you!
Ellen Corey
Thanks again for the opportunity to be coached.
Lisa Rosar
Thank you Dr. Arloski!