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Countdown to Decision 2020: How Will Hispanics Influence the Vote & Direction of Our Nation - Shared screen with speaker view
The Census 2020 Application is very simple. From my perspective, the data being requested has very little value i.e. demographics, etc.
Adam Jacobson
A recent Telemundo poll noted that, if given a choice between Biden or Trump, Trump led the poll. This was before he caught COVID, but also suggests that an assumption most Latinos will vote Democrat has short-changed Hispanic media by not going after GOP dollars. Any thoughts on this dynamic that Hispanics are multidimensional as voters, just as they are as consumers?
Joe Camacho
I agree with Adam. Our CTV/Mobile media platform has clients on both sides of the aisle and historically, approximately 1/3 of Latinos vote Republican. There appears to be a shift towards Trump. While both parties are investing in Latino outreach, the spend is unprecedented for Republicans.
Priscilla Aybar
Joe, how is your company determining that decision on how many Latinos vote Republican? It's usually challenging on digital to even determine how many and who voted.
Joe Camacho
My comment is related to ad spend and the organized effort of the Trump campaign e.g. #LatinosForTrump. Our platform uses app profiles and other mobile data to identify Right leaning voters and combines this data with voter registration data.
Joe Camacho
The same is true for Left leaning voters as well.
Priscilla Aybar
Ah, yes! I agree with that. Have been seeing more ad spend going to specific audience / racial demos from the Republican side and the messaging, it resonates with them. My question has always been why is there such a huge disparity between how Dems message and target Hispanic/Latinos compared to Reps and we almost always hear that it works for the Republicans.
Priscilla Aybar
and, Joe, glad to see you on this webinar! :)
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