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Seattle Special Ed. PTSA's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Cashel Toner
Thank you for allowing us to share our work. I wish that I could stay, but I need to pick up my son from baseball practice. Take good care, Cashel
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Thank you!
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
It is hard for families to heal when their old trauma keeps being fed.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
You can download this presentation here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L_Qxan98YimmHoI4kzL-yu56OOKDNqNN/view?usp=sharing
Cheryl Jenrow
Sometimes the trauma is specific to school especially for special ed students.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
What about kids who get stressed just by being pulled out of class to receive services (in special ed class etc.)?
Cheryl Jenrow
If the school is doing that what will it look like? How do you know as a parent that they are getting how to do this? I mean my son can barely get in the building currently. It just feels like they don't know what to do. They are doing what you said pushing him into more trauma.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
What is OSPI guidance?
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
I have a high schooler with this issue
C Phillips
It’s about resources?
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Premeetings are SO important! We have been turned down
Julie Gunter
I love this slide about authentic family engagement. Thanks for this information!
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
My youngest does NOT want to leave familiar classroom and his friends.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
What if a student avoids just one class? We were told by the case manager that because he is not coming to just one class it is not school refusal.
Pam, Co-VP Seattle Special Ed PTSA
How can we help change the culture in schools (and our community) around behavior being seen as a lagging skill and not as an intentional choice?
erica hieggelke
How do we try to support our kids when we feel traumatized ourselves? No support and feeling suuuuper burnt out
Julie Gunter
My understanding is that the IEP team can create a goal to work on an advocacy or regulation/behavior skill without eligibility for social-emotional but as a related service. Could you confirm this for families?
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Special education class btw
Kathy Austin
How do we help support hurt kids?
Kathy Austin
In the community and at home
Cheryl Jenrow
There are also kids that internalize their behavior like my son. But now he has trauma and no trust in his teachers. I want to support unraveling this but the school seems to not know how. So is OSPI doing broad training for schools like you have to do this training not make it optional for schools?
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
How can we encourage the school district to hire and utilize more BCBAs?
Cherylynne, co-VP Seattle Special Ed. PTSA
What strikes me is these are things we as parents do with teachers, staff and administrators who aren't doing right by our kid. That "cautious of litigation" system approach traumatizes parents/families.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
The litigation possibility is the first thing many staff members think of first before thinking of the child
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
And we have experience and can share
Lee Collyer | OSPI | He, him, his
I strongly agree.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
How can we get the families of non disabled students to be more inclusive?
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
And how can school districts encourage that?
Pam, Co-VP Seattle Special Ed PTSA
Thank you
Anne Sheeran
My typical developing 14 y/o finds himself in a classroom where he is the only student in person. This is increasing his stress and it is the opposite of why we welcome the in person option in the first place. It just seems like the school isn't getting it.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
ABA has changed a lot!
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Depends who you get
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
I have highly capable kids and it works great but it doesn't sound like horror stories I hear.
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
Change a therapist if it doesn't feel right
Jana (Yana), Engagement Committee
There are looong wait lists at Children's and UW
Cheryl Jenrow
My autistic son was traumatized in school because the special ed teacher did a piecemeal ABA. Autistic's do not like ABA in general.
Penny Runions
I feel like as an American culture the pandemic will force a recognition of change and acceptance that an IEP should be an integrative approach and an avoidance of the statement of this is how we have done this in the past. It is my hope that ABA will be recognized as other therapeutics of a mismatch of provider/recipient and not through the baby out with the bath water.
Dionne Malatesta (she/they)
The problem I've seen with ABA and how it is often practiced in schools is to teach kids to fit in with NT expectations.
Dionne Malatesta (she/they)
100% Lee. Inclusion is better for everyone.
Pam, Co-VP Seattle Special Ed PTSA
Thank you!