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Joseph Walsh Studio Film Launch - Speaker view
Gary Costello
Mary McCarthy
Beautiful synchronicity between nature and work.
Mary McCarthy
Curious about colour in the work
Noel Donnellan
Stunning & pure
Joerg Berchtold
An intense impact of time, space, nature. An Idea diving through the change of all of that - keeping its direction.
Caroline Davy
A beautiful film of sublime work. In regard to the concept of time, and the physical time a piece takes to complete, is there ever a conflict between the client's required completion date v your wish to perfect the piece in the time in whatever time it requires.
Mary McCarthy
The work very in tune with the world, slow time, nature, biomimetics. Love the Gestures series
Susan Holland
Gorgeous expression of the work arising from time embedded in nature
Sheik Irfaan Mustun
Have you ever thought of applying the techniques you use for your creations to create spaces? Is it possible to create bigger structures like a living space
John Mulcahy
Lovely idea expressed by Joseph of the sculptural influencing the functional allied to the almost monastery like atmosphere of the workshop. Very similar, in my experience, to the production facilities of haute cuisine.
Maureen Fautley
I love how Joseph takes inspiration from nature and the passage of time and applies it both conceptually and practically in his work. His respect for nature and time is evident - but fortunately for us all, we can enjoy his vision in the beautiful sculptures and furniture. Thank you all for this film - it is a work of art in itself…
Marguerite MargueriteAhern
I first found myself in the presence of Joseph's exquisite pieces on exhibition at Fota House, circa1987/90. Life in art form! I've loved visiting the studio and any pieces on exhibition since. Your work transcends art - embodiment of gift. I think it is fabulous that you sharing all of this.
Mary McCarthy
Thank you to Joseph for poetic beauty
Jean van Sinderen-Law
What a wonderful and transporting event - thank you all....
Mark Bench
Marvelous and totally absorbing, thank you.
Marguerite MargueriteAhern
thank you all
Caroline Davy
Thank you all very much, Joseph, Norman and Glenn for hositing.