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We Got a Climate Bill for Massachusetts - Now What? - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruth Ann Hendrickson
These new codes and available funding do’t seem to apply to municipal building. Please explain.
Jim Hutchinson
Does it lower bandwidth needed for Senator Barrett if you switch display to only show him?
Roy Harvey
New recommendation for Massachusetts social value of avoided emissions is $393/ton. That changes almost everything. https://www.synapse-energy.com/sites/default/files/AESC_2021_Supplemental_Study-Update_to_Social%20Cost_of_Carbon_Recommendation.pdf
audrey kalmus
Where are the public hearings that need people to show up to?
Paul Shorb
To Audrey et al.: The ones Mike is referring to haven't been scheduled yet - but the LLCT and others will keep you posted when they are
Roy Harvey
Is there a model building-code paragraph for mandating south-facing roofs on new construction?
Kathleen Sullivan
Not for response during this program, just for future action: Senator, please intervene with MassSave and its contractors about its work with dwellings that are not single family homes. I had a full review from MassSave when I moved into my Lincoln condo in 2018, and adopted all the measures that the MassSave contractor recommended. But it was difficult to figure out how to arrange this and the MassSave contractors active in Lincoln had no knowledge of working with condos. MassSave should be affirmatively reaching out to condo owners year after year even in towns like Lincoln that have comparatively few multi-family housing units.
Jim Hutchinson
Shouldn't there be a national level effort to improve long distance power transmission lines and costs so that we can do more of locating production in lower cost sites and transmit it where needed?
Roy Harvey
@Jim H: The bipartisan bill President Biden signed today addresses FERC getting the ability to ok interstate transmission. Siting of interstate electric transmission facilities.• This section directs DOE to study capacity constraints and congestion when designatingNational Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETC). It also adds more objectivecriteria to the list of considerations the Secretary of Energy uses to select and designatean NIETC. The section adds that the FERC may issue permits for construction ormodification of certain interstate transmission facilities if a state commission withholdsor denies an application seeking approval for the siting of such facilities. It also directsFERC to consider whether the transmission permit applicant has engaged states and nonfederalentities in good faith consultations and in a timely manner before exercising itsbackstop siting authority.
Paul Shorb
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