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MANRRS DEI Webinar #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
Thank you, Lisa. That was a long long time ago. I am confident that your work and the work of others have been helpful.
Awumah, Chie
Thank you all Sourthern University Alumni. I am delighted to you. Dr. Fields, you are right. I also do not know how it works.
Lisa Kelley she/her(s)
Dr. McMeans - You are right about the extension mission focusing on outreach into our communities to provide the research based knowledge needed to overcome the challenges families and communities are facing as our world evolves so rapidly. The global pandemic is making this very clear!
Crannell, Wanda Kay
Dr Fields, that is exactly right, no teeth to any of the processes -- all the students wished they didn't even bring up their greviences
Olga Bolden-Tiller
@Wanda - one way to help keep PhD graduates engaged in academia is to establish programs which introduce them to academia as professionals. A number of such programs exist and we must all work hard to ensure that individuals are aware of those opportunities. MANRRS fills this role for many, but much more work needs to be done. Programs like this opens the door for such conversations and can pave the way for transitioning into academia. Ending systemic racism is not a one and done thing as we know from the Civil Rights Movement, election of Obama, etc. This is an ongoing endeavor. Mentoring as Dr. Fields has mentioned is key, be it by someone of color or others. For programs that work closely with 1st generation students, it is imperative for them to use their resources (such as MANRRS) to help identify mentors for those students, despite geographical challenges and such.
Crannell, Wanda Kay
@Olga, thanks!.. good to remember the struggle needs to continue. Thanks to all in MANRRS for serving as mentors to our students attending PWIs
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
As a black, female tenured leader at your Institution, what more can be done within our organizations to cultivate and promote more women of color to leadership roles?
Awumah, Chie
@Dr. McMeans. What is your experience on the level of support from the private sector (if any) -- most especially agricultural institions in terms of their support towards supporting MANRRS. I walk for Corteva, how do I get involved? Awumah
Crannell, Wanda Kay
10 steps to building an anti-racist research lab
Crannell, Wanda Kay
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
How can 1890 Land-Grant Institutions receive more equitable allocation of funding and resources?
Lisa Kelley she/her(s)
Perhaps, an initial step to begin establishing networks would be to have MANRRS students mentor 4-H and FFA teens to help them realize opportunities in Ag Fields at Land Grant Colleges.
Food Systems
Love the idea of connecting 4-H, FFA and MANRRS
Glenda Humiston
Very interested in how to connect MANNRS to 4-H!
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
1862s are the original land grant institutions. 1890s are historically Black land grant institutions. 1994s are tribal land grant institutions.
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
How do we begin to incorporate DEI and the impacts of racism on FANH (food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Science) disciplines into our undergraduate and graduate curricula and general studies?
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
Lisa Kelley she/her(s)
Food Systems and Glenda Humiston - I work for 4-H in Michigan. lkelley@msu.edu. Let's talk and brainstorm steps to create a MANRRS/4-H Mentor Program!
angie becker kudelka
Could one of your experts discuss DEI accountability in Extension?
Glenda Humiston
Yes! I've already got my State 4-H Program Director looking into it. Contact me at Glenda.Humiston@ucop.edu
Sonia Morales
Very interesting information!
Carola Haas
Lisa Kelley, in Virginia we are building a connection between 4-H and Junior MANRRS. Dr. Maurice Smith at Virginia State (former national secretary for MANRRS) is leading the effort.
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
A number of professional associations have named that it is unethical to recruit without a retention plan. How should Colleges of FANH prioritize an inclusive culture and climate to retain the students, staff, and faculty of color that we say we want to recruit?
Crannell, Wanda Kay
nice, environment=retention
Carola Haas
Folks who are interested in Jr MANRRS and 4-H could reach out to mdsmith@vsu.edu
Lisa Kelley she/her(s)
Glenda -Awesome - One of my State 4-H Educators who is also on this webinar texted me that he is looking into this also! Carola - That is fantastic. I will reach out.
Dominic Ledesma
@angie becker kudelka, I am the interim director of the Division of Extensionโ€™s Office of Access, Incl usion, and Compliance at UW Madison, an 1862. If interested, Iโ€™d also be happy to talk about accountability in Extension as well. dominic.ledesma@wisc.edu
Esther Mosase
@ McMeans: Thank you for touching on Trauma and having tools to to promote retention. I think a lot of black people start working and they quit due to the โ€œnotโ€ welcoming environment!
angie becker kudelka
@dominic ledesma, THANK YOU. I'll reach out re: extension. angie.beckerkudelka@state.mn.us
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
Penn State report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FTb0FAKiU0m-YbpeziwPqinQMYW1g5C/view
Olga Bolden-Tiller
Hey Tuskegee! Booker T Whatley!
Ebony Webber
This has been a great discussion! Thank you for participating and spending your evening with us.
Dominic Ledesma
Thank you to all panelists for sharing your perspectives!
Shannon Archibeque-Engle, she/her
Good trouble!
Stephanie J Chau
Yes, thank you, panelists, moderator and Dr. Foster for closing remarks.
Lisa Williamson
Torrie Cropps (she/hers)
Thank you all!! โœŠ๐Ÿพ
Keegan Kautzky (he/him/his)
Fantastic conversation. Thank you all for sharing your valuable experience and perspective tonight!
Glenda Humiston
Great webinar! Thanks!
Salma Villegas
Thank you for this amazing panel!
Emily Klarquist
Thank you, everyone!
Sylvester Miller
Thank You!!!!!
Andy Lyons
Great panel, thanks!
Victoria De Leon
It has been a true experiences and hope we all meet soon!!! Let's stay in good trouble