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Virtual Hangout [#39] - Shared screen with speaker view
Tim Hawk
Andy K. - Moderator
[LINK] Follow the live transcription - https://otter.ai/u/eBR5GTlkk-chBwzNURi7qQ50E10
Aashna Musa
Andy that’s amazing
Charlesly J
anger is SO selfing for me too
thanking you for getting into this juicy stuff...so needed
Laura Kelly
I so appreciate this! Thank you, Andrew!
Mayra Lorenzana-Miles
it is a civil war already, it’s a different expression
Cassell Gross
Can you post the quote - or at least, the source. Thx
read the transcript shared above
Paul Kane
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Cassell Gross
thanks - i joined late o didn’t get it - see it now
Silence = Death
Act Up
@Cassell: Andrew quoted from this book: https://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Bypassing-Spirituality-Disconnects-Matters/dp/1556439059
Joseph Parent
Not so sure all the authoritarian dictators had the conviction they were doing something right. Maybe more like Trump who only care about power and wealth for themselves.
Paul Kane
"IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, of course, to live up to one’s own standard of good behavior every day. Distraction and indifference always offer us a way out of dilemmas otherwise too exhausting or harrowing to face. Still many, in every corner of the world in my experience, press on through such discouragement and defeat, bind up their wounds, and tend to the needs of others, like the Aparajitas of Bangladesh, the “women who never accept defeat.” Most anyone today can imagine the biblical horsemen of the Apocalypse deployed on the horizon, pick out each one and characterize him. Anyone, too, facing this frightening horizon, might opt to turn away, decide instead to become lost in beauty, or choose to remain walled off from the world in electronic distraction, or select catatonic isolation within the fortress of the self. But one can choose, as well, to step into the treacherous void between oneself and the confounding world, and there to be staggered by the breadth, the intricacy, the possibilities of that world, acce
Appreciate your attention to this difficult material and your willingness to struggle with it in public
As the Treaty of Versailles in 1918, which was basically about Germany remunerating the allies to the tune of $38.5 billion; set off a chain of reactivity in Germany that was based on the alleged betrayal of The Fatherland by various (reified) groups of people; so have a significant group of Americans felt betrayed by government policy since the mid-1970s.
Paul Kane
accepting its requirement for death but working still to lessen the degree of cruelty and to increase the reach of justice in every quarter. For many years the need for this kind of heroic effort—essentially to learn to cooperate with strangers—has been calling to modern people. I’ve wondered, watching economically powerful nations scrambling in the world’s remote corners for the last large deposits of copper, iron, bauxite, and other ores, or reading about the failure of once-dependable ocean fisheries, or about cynical corporate maneuvering to secure the last large reservoirs of potable water, whether an unprecedented openness to other ways of understanding this disaster is not, today, humanity’s only life raft. Whether cooperation with strangers is not now our Grail." From Horizon, the autobiography of Barry Lopez
Tim Hawk
Most of my life I have tried to be A-Political and to follow the "Middle Way' and stay balanced on the path. It seems difficult to do now days, but don't you think it is still worth trying to do? Our country is so polarized don't you think that it is worthwhile to keep our balance rather than to get swept into one of the polarized extremes?
Heather Gardner’s iPad
which Rinpoche is being mentioned? many thanks
Megan Haviland
love that book, Masters in psychology program reading, biology of belief
@Heather: Chögyam Trungpa, Andrew was referencing an article he wrote called “The Big No” https://www.chronicleproject.com/the-big-no/
Deb (Observing Noble Silence)
Trade policy has hollowed-out formerly industrialized communities so that families cannot make a go at life and have left or are full of rage at the communities being hollowed-out. Along with the three components of policy formation since the 1980s (Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine) of deregulation, privatization, and the slashing of government programs (welfare, Medicare, and Social Security) with resultant job loss. Combine trade policy with tax cuts, increased military spending, hyper-escalation of debt; we have a formerly dominant society having been decimated over the past 45 years. With government policy being the crux of today’s out of control pandemic, opioid crisis, inability to feed families, is it any wonder that many, many Americans are enraged and cannot put together the necessary components regarding why(?).
me too Andrew
Beth Pugh
Family is my biggest struggle right now.
Celeste's PC’s iPhone
there are so many groups meditating together, accessing and creating space to hold and give perspective
Celeste's PC’s iPhone
less divisive illusion
Karen Pearle
Is there an opportunity to raise my hand today?
I can’t get out of my mind how from the movie What The Bleep Do We Know how crime went down in DC when a group of meditators held that intention and how we could meditate as a group to create peace and ease for group intending violence
I feel reluctant to say this - but the USA has some HEAVY karma which is coming into fruition at this time.
Andy K. - Moderator
Can someone share how to use the “raise your hand” feature. As host my setup is a little different. Thank you!
Michele Tanaka
Click on “reactions” at bottom of screen
press Alt+Y on windows Option+Y on mac
Michele Tanaka
the raise hand feature is there now
Paul Kane
Laura Kelly
The Q& A and hand raising functions seem to no longer be on my screen also. I noticed this earlier in the week at another meeting.
For Raised Hand feature; go to reactions. The Raised Hand icon is on the bottom of that small communication screen.
Deb (Observing Noble Silence)
Open Participants window & you can raise your hand by your name
Sandra Lopez Varela
I feel and share your indignation and anger, as I already lived through it when the President of Mexico lost the election, not my President. Parallels are scary, mostly due to Giuliani’s friendship with our foreign affair secretary Marcelo Ebrard, who has allowed Trump and his associates take over huge infrastructure projects that will deplete our forests for the sake of extracting fossil fuels, after we were insulted. Part of the lesson is to accept that that angry population is part of your country too. You are angry because you believe in justice, which you are applying now, a luxury we do not have, as here we are stuck with our dictator. From my foreign perspective you have to be grateful for it. As an archaeologist and anthropologist, turning the page to the past will simply leave you without a future. Thank you for sharing this with us and making visible the good people of the US.
on IPhone. click the ... which is at bottom of screen
Tim Hawk
I think Gandhi was a great model. He was a great non-violent activist. He said "I want the British to leave, but I want them to leave as friends" and he succeeded. Not easy to do but possible.
Wendy Lund
If you tap on Participants you will have the choice to raise your hand
Laura Kelly
ok, got it, thanks
Ed O'Malley (he, him)
if you've done the latest zoom update raising your hand is in the "reactions" tab
Andy K. - Moderator
Thanks, Everyone!! <3
Karen Roper
So grateful that you are doing this!
Linda Kamisato
Andrew-in the last book study group meeting you’d indicated that you would share a dream you experienced, today (the next visual hangout). Can you share it today? Many thanks.
Marianne Rowe, USA
Deeply, deeply grateful for this offering. May there be unimagined benefits for all who are here and all who are not.
Linda Borland
what I'm doing is calling my 2 Democratic Senators and requesting that when the impeachment hearings begin to ask for an FBI investigation to get more details and also to know who in the senate was complicit so they are barred from voting. in a criminal trial you don't put accomplices on the jury to judge the defendant. The insurrection is not just the storming of Congress
Linda Borland
there were many aspects to turning over a legitimate election. Anyone involved should be barred from voting
thanks Ted for articulatinghow I feel.
Deb (Observing Noble Silence)
“What if this is the Pure Land & everything’s been perfectly designed for our enlightenment?” - Lama Roger Walsh
David Wimberly
Q for Andrew: How can we do proper transformation when our meditations are almost all about people and our relation to each other? What can we do about this as groups? When Sharon Saltzberg was last in Halifax at a public talk I rose with a question and politely but directly challenged her with how could she teach about limitless love when all of her examples were human centric? She agreed that is a valid issue, but also said that people want teachings about people. When you speak to Sharon can you please, please discuss this further with her. And with us today and later? When we “other” the vast majority of beings in our teachings do we not just exchange one form of confusion and harmful actions for others? Do we not deeply need to focus more on the suffering of all sentient beings genuinely by putting other species first? I am convinced this is essential for our Minds to go towards genuinely helpful action to transform to a society that can survive in harmony with the biological structure of Earth
Ed O'Malley (he, him)
Thank you David! Well said and often left out, this other than human aspect of our world.
Laura Kelly
I have a brother who is a Trump adorer and a narcissist. I love him and understand some of what happened in our early childhood that contributed to this. I often use the Thich Naht Hanh meditation of imagining him as a vulnerable 5 yr old child and care for him. I want him to be happy and hold him in my meditations wishing him happiness But I cannot be with him for more than carefully limited periods of time. He is dangerous though he is totally unaware of that. I see trump the same way. There is danger here.My question is how to discern how and when a kind of tough 4th karma response is called for. What does that look like? How can we measure for that? Can you talk about that a little?
this is so helpful today, thank you everyone!
Ed O'Malley (he, him)
"What is ours to do..."
Jill Dunphy
didn’t we see that happen in Georgia?
Megan Haviland
thank you
Sonja Pettingill
Cassell Gross
Good point Jill
Deb (Observing Noble Silence)
Anyana Banerjee
thank you so much
Jill Dunphy
we need this! we’re going thru a collective trauma.
Bronwynn Bernard
thanks andrew🙏🙏🙏
Understanding the alienation and disenfranchisement of straight white men is an important process. They reigned supreme since the beginning of human history but are now told by their culture that they don't count; that those whom they once enjoyed subjugating and disparaging reign and that THEY must change. Their anger is understandable. How do we hug them, let them cry in our arms and bring them back into humanities' hold?
🙏🏻 thanks to everyone!
David Wimberly
Shocking similarities to the early days of the American Civil War. Perhaps we are already into that? But perhaps not inevitably
Paul Kane
Heartfelt thank you <3
Laura Kelly
thank you so much Andrew! Andy and everyone! So grateful to have this forum to help deal with this
Mary Redlin
thanks Andrew!💫