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Quiet Day Service - Shared screen with speaker view
Johanna M-M (she/her)
1. Just as the daughters of Zelophehad saw that they were being left out, what are some ways that women are being left out today?2. Who was in the daughters’ circle of support?3. What are some ways we can be the circle of support for women today?
Johanna M-M (she/her)
Participants are invited to make their donations online (visit unitedmethodistwomen.org and go to “Give Now” from the top banner, then click on “Direct my gift to” and choose “Call to Prayer” from the drop-down menu). You may credit our Church by entering 94597 in search field and choose First Walnut Creek. Or, you may mail donations to our treasurer, Flavia Muttera, 1897 Appia Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94598.