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Dutch Creek Trail Community Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jan Stevenson
How many participants online?
Jan Stevenson
Crosswalk at Simms - how many lanes of traffic exist at that site?
Michael Raber
Need the crossing at Simms Street needs to be other than surface level, either tunnel or bridge over.
Jan Stevenson
4 lanes would definitely be a good place for a flashing signal. Jeffco blog does indicate sidewalk work with flashers I think!
Barbara Hosler
Thanks! We're glad to know about these plans as we live along the path.
Jan Stevenson
One thing some of the Bike Jeffco riders have asked for is some additional signage for the trail that exists currently. It can require a bit of exploration to find DCRT
Michael Raber
A speed reduction for automobiles would be better in the area of the street level crossing would be favorable considering the current speed of cars and the fact that its 4 lanes wide. a better alternative for safety for both motorists and bicyclists is a tunnel, that's why the Mary Carter trail is so popular.
Sarah McAfee
Sarah McAfee- smcafee@fhprd.org
Traci Wieland
Thanks so much! This makes living along Dutch Creek even better!