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Bernie & Batia Lieberman
Do we know yet how long the protection lasts?
Leslie Wolfe
Is the rollout slower still in Georgia or are just more people, percentage wise, choosing not to get the vaccine?
Michael Rich
When considering a vaccine that is "95% effective", are interactions between a vaccinated person and a potential infection independent interactions or are they dependent on the individual? (In other words, are 95% of vaccinated people likely fully immune and 5% susceptible to at least mild infection, OR in each interaction with an infected person any vaccinated individual has, are they 95% less likely to become infected than an unvaccinated person? Or is it something else?)
Josh D'Agostino
Elliot, you mentioned in a recent Board Meeting that there are legitimate concerns about getting vaccinated, but that in your opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. Jay only listed one concern. Do you have others?
Zachary Bercu (he)
As community leaders (and those of us who are medical professionals), any recommendations for how to approach gently and professionally (but also effectively) vaccine hesitancy? I'm cautiously optimistic - but definitely have been dismayed when I see people outside of Atlanta without masks or school parents who tell me how their "trusted sources" contradict information we discuss. I fear we become an "untrustworthy" source because other voices are "louder," despite the fact that group consensus, medical guidelines, medical professional society consensus is clear.
Marty Rotter
I understand there are now efforts to develop a booster to handle the variants. What is your thinking about whether we will need a booster in the near future to handle variants even if the antibodies prove to be longer lasting.
Leslie Wolfe
If someone gets their first vaccine shot and then gets covid/sick, and recovers, can they still get their second shot at the regularly scheduled time (3 weeks Pfizer, 4 weeks Moderna)? Will the vaccine still be effective? Do they risk antibody overload?
Marty Rotter
Can you please talk about what level of vaccinations gives us herd immunity? What is the likelihood of reaching that percentage?
Michael Rich
Is there any data on severity of reaction to vaccination and robustness of antibody response?
Can a vaccinated person transmit the variant to a young child?
Zachary Bercu (he)
Any speculation on timing for studies of vaccination for younger children? Can you also comment on any data you are familiar with regarding long-term sequelae from COVID-19 in young children? There seems to be a great deal of focus on MIS-C, hospitalization, etc., but I haven't seen a lot on sequelae for young children with mild, moderate, or severe disease. The reports of sequelae (esp. neuropsychiatric) in adults is concerning - have you seen any data on children?
Zachary Bercu (he)
Can you comment on use of eye protection in addition to masking when traveling (especially if you are somewhere where people not masking well)?
I know someone who recently flew from NY to Atlanta and back. Being on the plane felt relatively safe. Being in the airport was another thing. No distancing in the security and check in lines. People not in a hurry to replace masks after pulling them off for security check in.
Leslie Wolfe
Thank you so much, Jay and Elliot. This was so interesting, helpful and hopeful.
Jodi Salomon
Thank you to everyone for attending and immense gratitude to Jay and Elliot for their expertise and generosity of time during this session and the past 13 months!
Thank you!!
Julie Zeff
Thanks so much!! This was great!
Josh D'Agostino
Thank you, Jay and Elliott! I appreciate it.
Susan Shewmaker
Thank You so much !!
Dan Gulden
Thanks very much, Elliot and Jay.
Howard Zandman
This was great and cautiously optimistic!
Zachary Bercu (he)
Thank you all for an incredible discussion. Know there are better days ahead. We've hurt, we've lost, and we've learned from this pandemic. I hope our lessons learned stay and we grow and are stronger as a community.