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Forest-to-Cities: Build Sector Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Charles Levesque
Charlie Levesque, consultant with Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC working on a mass timber project for the North East State Foresters Association to get eastern hemlock PRG-320 tested/certified for use in CLT and getting some eastern hemlock CLT into a building being developed in Boston by Placetailor
Rick Findlay
Rick Findlay - A NEFF Board member. Here to learn as much as anything.
Frank Lowenstein
Frank Lowenstein, Chief Operating Officer, NEFF. Excited to see everyone here today.
Charles Levesque
Two CLT plant developers announced for Maine several years ago but pulled out...
Tom Chung
My apologies but I have to leave. Thank you for the conversations and I look forward to moving mass timber forward together.
Robert Schmitz
Sorry, have to leave Mtg. early
Charles Levesque
How much is the cost issue with FSC wood mixed up in the larger lumber pricing spike that came out from the pandemic (and which are going down as we speak)?
Erik Barth
Have to head out to another meeting - great discussion
david adler
Have next call, thank you!
Wilhelm Merck
How about a road show for the industry and policy people to tour the completed buildings and some that are in process.