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A Shared Community Meeting - Sept 16 @ 6:30pm - Shared screen with speaker view
Janet Lewis
The "traffic diversion" is simply that - a diversion! It's moving all of the noise, traffic and people to Lombard - a RESIDENTIAL street and we are now suffering!!! It is NOT a solution!
Janet Lewis
The dirt bikes and ATVs and "rif raf" are now on a family street.
malcolm mark
I agree with the above comment we are just moving traffice from a more commercial street to multiple residential streets
Janet Lewis
I am having cars idling outside my house. We have at least a dozen kids on my street. I've watched cars come up to the idling cars, people come, go and I can only assume it's drug dealing. These issues did not happen before.
malcolm mark
Any talk about speed bumps or other traffic calming measures for Lombard St?
Janet Lewis
Why not find a place for them to safely "cruise"? Cruising has always been part of life since cars. Find a place - away from residential areas - and make it "cool" to be there. It becomes the go to place. Down the river somewhere or who knows? Let's be creative.
ellenq elizares
The city should just have cameras avail on all those areas 24/7. It shouldn't be like the neighborhood watch is supposed to submit a form in a DIY way. Surely there is an officer assigned just to the correct submission of these complains ts and validity
Janet Lewis
I don't understand why the solution seems to be that it's better that they rev their engines on residential streets like Lombard, than on South. And yes, I appreciate you are trying, but why is it better to happen somewhere else? It's a diversion not a solution. Sorry.
Joseph Alkus
I did some research on how other cities are handling this problem as well as the feasibility of having the ATVs and 3Wheelers diverted to another area in the city and looking towards a less enforcement posture.
ellenq elizares
maybe we can get some mosquitos from florida and release them(?)
Jeffrey Ingber
Where idea on Lombard Street bad idea
Jeffrey Ingber
Not worth looking at the neighbors will not approve such a ridiculous plan
Rick Piper
I have 2 quick comments on this subject. Rick Piper
Janet Lewis
If there is only 1 lane on Lombard, the busses and trash trucks will be a disaster. But I like the thinking outside the box
Rodrigo Alarcon
Good point Janet
Joseph Alkus
Just an FYI there is a decibel meter now available on both Apple and Google Play which might be a less expensive solution.
marlene smolen
what happened about to promise to put up signs about loud noise; allow PPA to write these, not only police.
ellenq elizares
Yes, but if you start using it on ATV's and bikes, the next minute it's groups of people playing pokemon in Rittenhouse, grubhub delivery personel etc etc.
ellenq elizares
What about construction drilling (?) What if at night the company with a permit has been working more than 18hours and is on overtime (3am, 5am situation) and it gets called in. Why is it 50/50 whether or not the noise is actuallly stopped.
Rodrigo Alarcon
There was a dance party at 9th and south a few weeks ago
Janet Lewis
I appreciate that these are all difficult issues to solve and appreciate the chance to further discuss. We need to figure out and hope we can. Sadly, I must go. Thanks.
ellenq elizares
Amen was totally inappropriate.
ellenq elizares
The airport is empty. Let's lease them one of the empty runways!
Rodrigo Alarcon
The bikers want to be seen and interfere with traffic.
Joseph Alkus
Thank you - this was very informative.
Rodrigo Alarcon
no it would not
Jay Lippincott
Well done Eleanor and Larry. An interesting and useful discussion.
If a citizen submits a bar complaint, is the bar owner given the citizen's name; asking b/c of retaliation
john bang
will there be a recording of this available?
john bang
squilla is awesome!