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Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC) Meeting - Speaker view
Raquel Beltran (she/they)
good evening everyone
Tony Wilkinson
Hi Ms. GM! :)
Corinne Ho
Good evening Raquel!
heather s. michaels
Hello everyone
Kay Hartman
I live very near the 405 and Venice encampment. It used to be true that the Culver City side of the street was clear, but it is not true today. Both sides are equally dense encampments.
Glenn Bailey
The VANC agenda is posted on the LANCC webpage of NC Alliances and is linked here: http://www.lancc.org/resources/VANC%20agenda%202021.05.13.pdf
Glenn Bailey
Eblast from DONE today: Dear Neighborhood Council leaders,We first want to congratulate all the newly elected and re-elected Neighborhood Council board members. The Department has developed a comprehensive onboarding program tailored to support successful neighborhood council board participation and management. The program is open to all board members but tailored for people who are new to the Neighborhood Council System.
Glenn Bailey
The Department is convening these training sessions between May - December 2021. There are three main modules with sub-sessions in between. Registration is open for Module I - NC Purpose and Function: How to Prepare Before the Meeting.Please reserve your spot for either one of the Module I sessions: Saturday, May 22 from 9:00 - 11:00am or Monday, June 21 from 6:30 - 8:30pm. The two Module 1 sessions will have the same content, so you do not have to sign up for both.
Glenn Bailey
Topics to be discussed include the history, mission, and purpose of the Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils. Overview of the Plan that guides the work of the System. How do Neighborhood Councils function, take action and govern?: Agenda posting policy, Early Notification System, standing and ad hoc committees, and the Brown Act. Included is an overview of the policies that guide the System. You will learn about the System's legal framework, the Los Angeles City Charter Administrative Code. Finally, we explain more about Neighborhood Council leaders' mandatory training, such as Code of Conduct and Planning 101.We look forward to your participation. Thank you so much for your leadership and service with the Neighborhood Council System! Please RSVP to one of the sessions using the button below:
Glenn Bailey
Glenn Bailey
The Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance will be meeting on May 22nd from 10 to 12 noon. We'll be disussing emergency power. Zoom ID: 853 3714 1630 and Passcode 553889
Jeffrey Mausner
Hi Everyone. As you know, last month VANC passed a resolution asking the Mayor to include the relevant stakeholders -- Animal Rescue Organizations, Animal Services Department Volunteers, Animal Activists, and Neighborhood Councils – in selecting the new General Manager of the Animal Services Department. Jill sent a letter to Mayor Garcetti about this. The resolution and letter are posted on the Tarzana NC website:VANC Resolution re New General Manager of Animal Services Department: https://www.tarzananc.org/ncfiles/viewCommitteeFile/15266Jill’s letter to Mayor Garcetti re New General Manager of Animal Services Department: https://www.tarzananc.org/ncfiles/viewCommitteeFile/15268The Tarzana NC passed a resolution in support of the VANC resolution and letter, and wrote a letter of support to Mayor Garcetti. Please get your neighborhood councils to do the same, so we can have input into who will be the new General Manager.
Glenn Bailey
That announcement was from Commissioner Len Shaffer
Glenn Bailey
Regarding the NC EPA meeting on May 22
John and Michele Hales
A five year construction project 10 feet behind our house and a school has been a great nuisance. The workers and contractors are ignoring all regulations regarding healthy and safety and covid protocols. There are numerous violations that have been reported. 8360 Canby Place in Northridge is the location of this project.
John and Michele Hales
John and Michele Hales 18418 Community St Northridge, Ca 9`1325 818-321-1960dunlee1@aol.com
Jeffrey Mausner
The West Valley Shelter is open, on the same basis as all of the other City shelters, due to Covid.The public is still not allowed into the shelters because of Covid, but appointments can be made for adopting animals and other business at the East and West Valley Shelters.Volunteers are only allowed into the shelters if they are Disaster Service Worker Volunteers. I became one and went to the West Valley Shelter on Tuesday. Things seem to be going fine there. It’s less than half full with animals, but more are coming in. There is even a family of ducks in the backyard. Thank you again to VANC and the Neighborhood Councils for keeping the West Valley Shelter open; it wouldn’t have happened without you.
Kay Hartman
The new email address to contact the Congress of Neighborhoods Planning Committee is lacongressnc@gmail.com
John and Michele Hales
Another area is the Glendale and Eagle Rock border regarding the unhoused.
Kay Hartman
Follow us on facebook. @LACongressNC
Great to see you all in another excellent meeting. Kevin James presentation was superb.
heather s. michaels
Please join us in our Congees Outreach meeting Sunday 5:30
Rudy Melendez
Everyone should now be very aware of what the public safety challenges will be with the la county da.Get involved with recallgasconnow.com/
John and Michele Hales
Tree Summit LA 2021 - May 21, 2021 9;30 am-12;00pm PST
heather s. michaels
Outreach MeetingSunday May 16th. 5:30 pmhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/4657525454Or dial in +1 669 900 6833Meeting ID: 465 752 5454
heather s. michaels
Please join us
Chris Rowe
I wrote on this for CityWatchLA.
heather s. michaels
I will update folks with an upcoming townhall onanimal welfare and email
Jeffrey Mausner
Good article by Chris in CityWatch.
heather s. michaels
Animal welfare issues will be addressed and discussion further on our roles as advocates for our communities and on behalf of the animals. Also, you can reach me at Silvernightinc@aol.com. Zoom townhall scheduled soon
Rudy Melendez
VOTE niMROD OUT in 2022
Chris Rowe
My article on this file is no longer up on CityWatch. There are two by other authors up on that now.
Glenn Bailey
Council File 21-0407 NC Elections motion Link: https://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=21-0407
Glenn Bailey
Here is the City Clerk's summary of the motion: Motion (Rodriguez - Cedillo) relative to instructing the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to report with a survey of Neighborhood Council election rules; and request the City Attorney to report on the City Council's authority to standardize election rules.
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe
I couldn't believe that Sunland Tujunga had their community members vote for their Executive Board. Truly impressed with Sunland / Tujunga NC.
Jeffrey Mausner
Chris' article is here: https://citywatchla.com/index.php/cw/los-angeles/21719-is-asking-for-identification-to-vote-in-a-neighborhood-council-election-voter-suppression
Glenn Bailey
Here is the link to the Rodriguez motion CF 21-0407: https://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2021/21-0407_misc_4-14-21.pdf
Well said Tony. Ms. Beltran is trying the best with limited resources to resolve chaos. Thus far she has been a great department manager. We need to stand by her and support her efforts.
Cindy Cleghorn
Yay! West Hills !
Bravo Steve Randall
Corinne Ho
so happy for WHNC! Congratulations WHNC!
Glenn Bailey
City Planning Department report for tonight (three parts): MAY UPDATEProject Hearing NoticesLast month, City Planning unveiled newly redesigned hearing notices for development projects.These new templates were designed to cut through technical language and better engage withAngelenos by moving toward a more attractive, modern design and a format that providesclearer and more consistent information.The new design emphasizes key project details, ranging from the location of the project to thehearing details, along with a clear description to assist residents in making an informed decisionabout whether to monitor, attend, or participate in a public hearing. Within these hearing notices,an image or rendering will now be featured to demonstrate the scale of a project in relation tothe surrounding neighborhood.
Glenn Bailey
Private Detention Center BanOn April 15, the PLUM Committee approved the Department’s draft ordinance to ban the localoperation and construction of private detention centers.This ordinance would also prohibit accessory uses or incidental activity related to “communitydetention facilities for unaccompanied minors” and “private detention centers.”The next step is for the City Council to consider the PLUM Committee’s report, prior toinstructing the City Attorney’s office to prepare the final version of the ordinance.● Council File No. 19-0742● Staff Recommendation Report● Draft Ordinance
Glenn Bailey
Wildlife CorridorThere’s a chance you may have received an eblast on this subject, but for those of you whodidn’t, we wanted to announce that the Wildlife Pilot Study just released a new webpage andinformational video. This update also highlights the release of the Draft Wildlife Ordinance forpublic review and feedback. You might also want to take a look at the Fact Sheet.As background, the Wildlife Pilot Study has informed the creation of the draft ordinance tosupport the City’s sustainability goals to conserve and protect important habitats and theconnections between them. This effort identifies areas of ecological value for wildlife in LA andproposes regulations for new development that can be more compatible with the land, water,plants, and animals that make up our city’s world class natural environment.For any comments or questions, feel free to contact Lena Mik at OurLA2040@lacity.org. Youcan also sign up using this link to receive regular updates from the Wildlife team.
Glenn Bailey
From Commissioner Shaffer: here's the section Sec. 904. Development of the Neighborhood Council Plan. (f) The Regulations shall not restrict the method by which the members of a neighborhood council are chosen, if the process otherwise satisfies the requirements of this Article.
John and Michele Hales
Great Meeting! Thank you for inviting Kevin James.
Corinne Ho
congrats to Sunland Tujunga NC for a great election!
Cindy Cleghorn
Does anyone know if these sessions are hosted in collaboration with City Planning Department
Cindy Cleghorn
Virtual Visioning Workshops for the 7th Council District ?
Ken Ross
Tony, Would you consider making a motion NOW that VANC opposes CF 21-00407?
Cindy Cleghorn
Paul Darrigo CHULA
Thank you everyone Take care
Glenn Bailey
FROM CINDY: AB-339: Local government: open and public meetings has been Set FOR Hearing ON 19-MAY-21 9 a.m.
raquel beltran
Thank you everyone!
Tony Wilkinson
The Neighborhood Councils are not "glorified home owner associations" Your proposal is destructive to the whole system (personal opinion).
Tony Wilkinson
The Herman NC is a classic case of getting city funding for what is essentially a HOA
Suzanne Lewis
Thank you Linda, Glenn, Cindy & Everyone
Tony Wilkinson
The CITY CHARTER says that OWN, WORK in a neighborhood are STAKEHOLDERS. Your proposal violates the City Charter.
Corinne Ho
Agreed but there are ways to be inclusive. Agrees!
Tony Wilkinson
Illegal to limit public comment in an unequitable way.