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Stephen Wallace's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
We have the power to remove ourselves from the huge agribusiness system by supporting small farmers in our farmers markets. instead of only shopping at grocery stores.
regarding the increasing grocery prices, understanding “supply and demand”, my theory is that producers and distributors are making a bunch of unexpected profits, taking advantage of the situation…your thoughts?
Charles Long
You mentioned Paul Ehrlich's research on population growth. What impact do you think human population growth is having on the environment, if any, and particularly on global climate change?
Tracy Daniel
Food safety is an interest of mine, and lobbying by big agriculture has resulted in chicken processing plants that give workers and USDA inspectors little time to make sure that chickens are safe for sale. Poultry processing is dangerous for workers too. The Biden administration did not implement proposed rules last year that would have allowed lines to move at the rate of 175 chicken carcasses a minute.
Linda James
We have a vegetarian household, and went to eat at Highlands and their "vegetarian" dish had no protein in it...
Pooja Chawla
I grew up vegetarian in India and can relate to this conversation.I eat seafood and white meat now but I still enjoy my vegetables and lentils!!
Kristin Sullivan
I would love to hear your thoughts about the trend of meat substitutes and the controversy surrounding the environmental impact of their production.
Joyce Lanning
I just bought the updated 'Diet' on Kindle and Audible. My latest flexitarian move included Ripple pea milk and So Delicious coconut yogurt. Still eat salmon but not dairy or eggs. Meat and chicken left my plate years ago. Current food supply and waste are problems for heat trapping gases and climate disruption. Thank you Frances Moore Lappe.
T.K. Thorne — TKThorne.com
Excellent question, John! LOL!
Jennifer Greer
Yes, thank you for the fab recipes. Cooking is great way into the philosophy. Also, thank you for the 5 guiding principals on moving forward/making change on p. 114-116.
Tracy Daniel
Sodium is a widely used additive as well. It has some preservative properties, but also makes you want more of the food. Like Lays potato chips!
Joyce Lanning
Oh dear - I eat Amy's frozen bowls - which are processed, but seem OK for me as a non-cook. I'm 79 and busy with working on climate issues and don't want to learn to cook.. What can you say about.
Julie Levinson-Gabis
Joyce: We love Amy's. I don't cook often either.
It would be interesting to talk about our choices not to cook…time? living alone? many reasons…
Julie Levinson-Gabis
I just ordered your book. Thank you for speaking to our group.
Joyce Lanning
Just what I needed to learn today!
Joyce Lanning
Thank you!
T.K. Thorne — TKThorne.com
Thanks for a great presentation!
David Chaplin
Oat milk has less of a distinctive flavor than coconut or soy milk and is a good substitute for cow’s milk in recipes.
Tracy Daniel
Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation.