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Station Compensation Webinar: Insights & Guidance for Public Media - Shared screen with gallery view
Alison Scholly
Hi everyone! Thank you for joining our webinar! Please feel free to put questions in the queue during our webinar.
Brenda Barnes
Actually, the impetus for the study came from me wanting to look at staff salaries and the board wanted me to include the CEO position in the study. David's methodology requires starting there, so we did.
Jim Schachter
In communicating with your staff, Brenda, did you face - and were you able to overcome - the antagonism created when content staff see people on the business side being paid significantly more?
Brenda Barnes
Hi Jim, my content staff are members of SAG AFTRA, so that is another layer we can talk about. I included those positions in the study because I wanted to know market rates for those positions too. Ideally, I don't want anyone in the organization to be paid under market rates.
Alison Scholly
Here’s the question: how does a person's years of experience that they may bring with them or have gained while at the organization get taken into account within the comp structure for an organization?
Deb Ekeren
Have you determined how transparent you will be about salaries and salary ranges across the organization?
Brenda Barnes
Hi Scott! It's so nice to hear from you! I hope all is going well!