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Mental Health & Housing Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Cheri Horbacz
Cheri Horbacz Southwest Fair Housing Council Cheri@swfhc.com
Cheri Horbacz
Hello to the panel
C.J. Hager
C.J. Eisenbarth Hager with Vitalyst Health Foundation
Angel Poole
Angel Poole, Housing Authority of Maricopa County
Jennifer Quillin
Hi Cheri!! Long time, no see. (I guess I don't get to see you today, either!)
Kelly Watson
Kelly Watson, Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun
Lee Itule-Klasen
Good Morning Everyone, Lee Itule-Klasen, Pima County Health Department, thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom today panelist!
Cheri Horbacz
We see your screen list ofsupporting partners and more
Vanessa Chilly
Vanessa Chilly, Native American Connections
Andrew Fleming
Andrew Fleming, Adult Member Advocate - Banner University Health Plans; an ally for all those experiencing homelessness, housing concerns, etc. It has remained a consistent issue from my time as GMH/SU and SMI case manager. At the health plan level, it still remains as one of the most presenting issues we see, especially for those living with mental health issues
Sonora Crittenden
Good morning everyone. Sonora Crittenden with St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Community Benefit
Mary Jung
Mary Jung HonorHealth Director of Community Impact mjung@honorhealth.com
Linda Jensen
Good morning from the Arizona Housing Coalition Team!
Andrew Fleming
SDOH's are essential identifiers and predictors!
Rochelle Fink
Rochelle Fink, MD, MBA (rochelle.fink@chodockproperties.com): Chodock Properties--Chodock Properties houses over 150 Section 8 tenants in Maricopa County
Cheri Horbacz
SWFHC works to eliminate all forms of housing discrimination across our state. We offer free classes to address issues like disabilities, reentry and the 7 protected classes. Sometimes a reasonable accommodation request can help keep people housed. Housing is Health. Reach out to Cheri@swfhc.com for free classes. So glad these discussions and collaborations are happening.
Jennifer Quillin
Hello from HonorHealth Desert Mission in Sunnyslope, AZ. Jennifer Quillin - consultant, financial coach for Desert Mission's Living Well program.
Rochelle Fink
How do you get services provided to Section 8 individuals? We provide housing but would like our tenants to be able to access mental health services more easily.
Tom Kelly
@rochelle fink --- for individuals that need the mental health support have them reach out to the providers throughout the Phoenix area! I'd start with the folks at the Regional Behavioral Health Authority ;-)
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly
It would be great to have a panel member that has actually gone through the system to share their lived experience ;-)
Jennifer Quillin
Question to Terrance - RE: Individualized Service Plans and Assessments. How receptive are clients to completing the Assessments? How long does it take to complete all the Assessments and create the Individualized Service Plan?
Madison Pierce
how do they apply for the pet resources
Tom Kelly
I was the State's First Director for Individual and Family Affairs and one of the things I see time and time again is the lack of "our" peer perspective on panels such as these!
Rochelle Fink
When our tenants have psychotic episodes, we're told to call the police. Is there someone we could call instead that could address the psychotic episode?
Matthew Finley
For people who currently support/supervise/are credentialed peer and family support specialists the AZ Peer and Family Career Academy has wonderful trainings for peer and family support specialists to help expand the role of and impact of these amazing specialists!
Jennifer Quillin
Question for Stefanie, Terrance and Carrie - what is the referral process for homeless clients? Do they have to be referred by a clinician?
CJ Anderson
You can add us to your Pet Care. We are a partner of many coalitions like Unitedway Project Connect, Arizona VEterans stand down Hopefest etc, to help people woth pet food ahd leashes collars beds toys.ceo@animasandhumansindisaster.org or website resources www.animalsandhumansindisaster.org sorry meant for everyone!
Zira Franks
roshelle you could call the crisis response network
Tom Kelly
YEAH … Terrance we need more folks like you my friend!!! ;-)
Rochelle Fink
Who runs the crisis response network?
Serena Unrein
Crisis Response Network has a 24 hour 7 days a week Crisis line that you may be able to reach out at any time-602 222 9444- they also have mobile teams that can come out to meet with the person
Andrew Fleming
"Lived Experience" is an AHCCCS contract requirement for managed care organizations when hiring for the Advocate/Liaison roles. My lived experience allows me to connect with members on multiple levels because I've experienced homelessness myself, I've been to prison three times, probation/parole/CJ involvement, I struggled with addiction for over a decade, I've struggled with depression and isolation for my entire life...lived experience is essential in getting "buy-in" to things that members have historically been resistant to
CJ Anderson
yes Arent they also running 211AZ.org too?
Tom Kelly
Andrew --- your experience is so valuable --- thank you for all you do!
Rochelle Fink
Yes--we have members at your properties who are not doing well.
Matthew Finley
Yes CRN runs 211 and the state warm line as well
Rochelle Fink
Who do we call?
Rochelle Fink
Who do we call at CBI?
Zira Franks
And the are part of Resilient Arizona regarding the disaster relief outreach for covid 19
Serena Unrein
From Cynthia Hernandez: 211 is also live answer again and Warm Line number is 602 347 1100
Zira Franks
Rochelle if you call Crisis Response network they will send a team out who if the person needs immediate care they can help with getting the person to emergency psychiatric services also
Andrew Fleming
thank you for sharing, Terrance - amazing work! As a peer, you are the living, breathing beacon of hope to all those members who you connect with daily...proving that change is possible
Rochelle Fink
Thank you very much.
Serena Unrein
Thanks to Maricio Orozco for this info: ARIZONA CRISIS HOTLINESSuicide and Crisis Hotlines by CountyMaricopa County served by Mercy Care:• 1-800-631-1314 or 602-222-9444Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Yuma Counties served by Arizona Complete Health - Complete Care Plan:• 1-866-495-6735Apache, Coconino, Gila, Mohave, Navajo and Yavapai Counties served by Health Choice Arizona:• 1-877-756-4090Gila River and Ak-Chin Indian Communities:• 1-800-259-3449Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community:• 1-855-331-6432ARIZONA CRISIS HOTLINESSuicide and Crisis Hotlines by CountyMaricopa County served by Mercy Care:• 1-800-631-1314 or 602-222-9444Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Yuma Counties served by Arizona Complete Health - Complete Care Plan:• 1-866-495-6735Apache, Coconino, Gila, Mohave, Navajo and Yavapai Counties served by Health Choice Arizona:• 1-877-756-4090Gila River and Ak-Chin Indian Communities:• 1-800-259-3449
Zira Franks
I manage a team of care coordinators for adults with GMHSU needs and trying to find housing has been almost impossible because no one is either doing in person meetings, tours or rent has increased significantly and out of financial reach for our members
Greg Taylor
To be clear, Crisis Response Network is a contracted vendor for the state-funded crisis line. They don't own it. And depending on where you are in the state, the phone number and vendor are different. People should call the numbers listed above.
Serena Unrein
@Greg Taylor - thanks for the clarification
Rochelle Fink
We have also found that when people don't pay their portion, there may be a new drug abuse issue. It's best to deal with that as early as possible.
Tom Kelly
Do all geographic catchment areas have CoC run through the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities?
Andrew Fleming
Zira - affordable housing in AZ has been at crisis-level for over a decade. COVID is only compounding the issue; The solution lies with our legislature and local jurisdictions. The more Public-Private Partnerships that cities are able to foster - the better. Also, the larger cities have land sitting there undeveloped or ready to be redeveloped (old factory site, former warehouse or parking lot, etc). The cities have options but they have to feel the heat from the housing advocacy flame before they'll spend those dollars and use that land to address the issue. Several advocacy groups are doing great work in creating awareness and remaining present and constant in the face of the leadership of these local jurisdictions and at the legislature.
Jennifer Quillin
What is the ratio of demand to housing units? How long do clients typically wait on the wait list?
Tom Kelly
20 years ago the client waitlist was 18 months to 24 months for people with Serious Mental Illness Jennifer Quillin ---
CJ Anderson
Andrew we do advocacy too, keep me posted at my address above, scroll back 15 min.
Jennifer Quillin
Reply to Tom Kelly above - David Bridge just mentioned that the wait time is about 90-180 days. I hope it's not still 2 years! Wow.
Tom Kelly
Is there a court case for folks with Serious Mental Illness where housing is one of the rights for people with serious mental illness?
Tom Kelly
Arnold Vs SARN ever been settled?
Carrie Collins-Fadell
Deborah, yes we work with families and those who have been incarcerated all the time Info@biaaz.org
Jennifer Quillin
Every Zoom and WebEx meeting I've been on - they haven't been able to play videos either.
Vanessa Chilly
Thank you all :)
Tom Kelly
Woo Hoo … three cheers for Serena and friends … hip hip hooray
Mary Jung
Thank you!