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Betty Liu in Conversation - Shared screen with speaker view
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welcome everyone!
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thanks for joining us
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if you have any questions for Betty or Hetty please enter them into the q&a
Mina Park
So excited for The Hetty and Betty Show!
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hi Mina 👋🏽
Mina Park
Happy saturday all!
Hana Asbrink
Congratulations on My Shanghai, Betty! Thank you for including a beautiful photo for every recipe. :) Your book couldn’t come at a better time for us here in the U.S. Is there anything you would like your book to convey to new readers here, whether it’s specific to Shanghainese cuisine or the larger Chinese (food) culture?
jess hernandez
Curious to know if you ever talked to your mom about how she dealt with having to make dishes here in the US if some ingredients were hard to find. Can you share some moments you found her resourcefulness to remake the dishes here? :) Yay Hetty & Betty show!
Veronica Saetern
I was once picking roses from my in laws yard and my MIL goes oh I was gonna rip those out for bamboo space