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Napo and Probation Journal Professional Webinars - Q&A Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Nicola Carr
If you have questions, please feel free to pop them into the chat.
Stephen Collett
It seems to me that individuals with criminal records/imprisonment are being increasingly and formally removed from the priorites for local authorities to provide accommodation. is there any up to date research/ review of this?
Keith Stokeld
I have two questions Frist based on the event we attended last year address by Nicola Carr when a representative from user voice expressed their anger at the way they were passed around the system in prison then the community where they were asked to re tell their story what value in the way OMiC has been designed does this add to this disaffection or support the process. Second question - There is an increasing level of anger from those who consider they are recalled on the back of a risk eversion agenda. Suggesting that when released there are increasing barriers that may impact on the chance of re settlement and reinforce their experiences of rejection akin to the lessons we are now coming into vogue around attachment theory
kate Parsons
I believe things are now in place for individuals to register for benefits pre release from custody (or plans to make that happen) a small step, but a welcome one.
Pete Marston
That's right in my experience Steve. It's openly discussed as reason to decline housing applications
Keith Stokeld
I can add additional commentary if my questions are not clear enough
Pete Marston
Similar with bank accounts, banks don't want to provide loss making bank accounts
Pete Marston
How would you assess good behaviour?
Bernard Wiseman
1970 Southampton the community based voluntary aftercare PO arrived at the local prison weekly, picked up his keys and walked the landings. Visible, accessible, approachable. never seen this arrangement since
Katie Lomas
Prior to TR West Yorks Probation Trust paid for (with no additional funding) staff to work in HMP Leeds supporting resettlement for men sentenced to short sentences. It worked well and was truly ‘Through the gate’. Sadly swept away by TR…
Nicola Jennings
In support of Dynamic Framework, the ambition is that, by engaging with organisations specialising in resettlement / rehabilitation and entering into contractual obligations to deliver those requirements, the service user receives a holistic service, drawing on the strengths of all those agencies in a manner that is overseen, coordinated by the Responsible Officer. To make this work though, we need to encourage Probation practitioners make use of the commissioned rehabilitative services available to them, continue to foster therapeutic relationships with service users (and are given sufficient time to do this) and ensure providers deliver the service as indicated, including the provision of mentors. I remain optimistic!
Katie Lomas
Some working on OMiC do acknowledge that it isn’t the right answer to the problem - they just think it’s the “affordable” option. The right answer? Properly resourcing offender management in the community to provide a truly end-to-end job.
Kathryn Wilson
Definitely a time issue
Keith Stokeld
Jane is right as when I joined the service re ordered the resources to create a through care team as it was recognised those in custody were ignored leaving the filed team under resourced
Kathryn Wilson
Totally agree! Mansfield is terrible currently regarding accommodation!
Pete Marston
re-imagine - plug!
Katie Lomas
On your question Jane - most of the time it is a lack of time and resource - to find a service, do the research, make a referral and support engagement is time consuming and probation staff are ridiculously over-worked. I think there’s a sort of myth about ‘fortress probation’ which was going around pre-TR that doesn’t really hold up. My experience of 15 years in Probation is a desire to find and refer to services often thwarted by lack of time or restrictive requirements.
Keith Stokeld
can I ask about the impact of recalls on the capacity to carry out throughcare
Nicola Carr
Yes - Peter links with national/local government important. It will be interesting to see how restructuring of probation will impact on delivery of resettlement in probation Regions
Katie Lomas
We also have - in Probation - a weird attitude towards specialising. Throughout my career I’ve been dragged away from work I wanted to do because of the need to avoid allowing me to become a specialist. When I was a women’s specialist I was much more connected to other services, I worked in a women’s centre and spent lots and lots of time supporting engagement with a wide variety of other organisations - because I was allowed to and because I was allowed to stay in that specialist role for long enough.
Kathryn Wilson
Thankyou to all it's been very interesting!
Keith Stokeld
There is a crisis in my area around the quality of accommodation where organisations are being given the money but not delivering adequate premises or services they are being paid for. Seemingly unaccountable for this or the distress it causes those being placed there after their return to the community.
Pete Marston
kate Parsons
I think there is much more we can do around involving prisoners families in resettlement and I think its an area that's challenging for probation staff (given our lens of risk management), but this is an area I'd love to see practice develop in more.
Loraine Gelsthorpe
That is a very good point Kate. I agree.
Keith Stokeld
Agree with that Kate
Stephen Collett
how long will the three excellent webinares be publicly available?
Keith Stokeld
Thanks for all the work putting this together and the contributons
Becky Nye
Thank you all - I've been quietly listening and enjoying the discussions.