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Andrew Boothroyd Head of Logistics Engineering and Future Solutions at Mclaren Automotive Ltd - Shared screen with gallery view
Mark Weymouth
Good afternoon everyone,Mark Weymouth - PLUS Automation helping you #MakeSenseofSensorshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mweymouth/
Yasmin Banner
Hey guys forgot to mention! Please leave any questions for Andrew in the Q&A section and we will try and get as many answered as possible, thanks
Andy Thomas
Good Afternoon All, hope everyone is having a good event. Andy Thomas from ADT Flexibles. Question for Andrew..opportunities for supply to the new composite facility in South Yorkshire please? Thanks.
Martin Little
Martin Little, BCRRE Rail Alliance: In developing cutting edge solutions, how does McLaren address and ensure IP security with its suppliers' own contributing innovation?
Katie Andrews
CBE+ is proud to have supported Boneham in meeting the machining quantities needed in short time periods for #ventilatorchallengeUK
stacy denton-beaumont
Always get a buzz when I see a McLaren on the road!!!
Martin Little
Thank you Andrew, this is something of an issue in the rail sector, which is struggling to ensure innovation is securely delivered.