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#SEJWebinar - Oceans of Solutions: Covering "Blue Climate" and Ocean-Based Climate Strategies - Shared screen with gallery view
MJ, SEJ Staff
Welcome, all! Thank you for joining us today. We’d also like to thank our funders for making this event possible: Hewlett Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Packard Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation. We’ll get started in just a couple minutes. Some housekeeping: Please use the Q&A feature below the speaker video to send in your questions. Please do not use this chat box for questions, but feel free to share relevant resources. Finally, please use #SEJWebinar in tweets about this event. The event will be recorded and made available on SEJ.org ASAP. Thanks!
Jan Muhammad
Hello to all!
Dave Jones
Thanks for having this webinar and hello from Annapolis, MD
Melina Nguyen
Excited to hear from the panelists! Thanks so much!
MJ, SEJ Staff
For those just joining us, welcome! Thank you for joining us today. We’ll get started in just a moment. Some housekeeping: Please use the Q&A feature below the speaker video to send in your questions. Please do not use this chat box for questions, but feel free to share relevant resources. Finally, please use #SEJWebinar in tweets about this event. The event will be recorded and made available on SEJ.org ASAP. Thanks!Follow our moderators and panelists here:• Justin Worland: @JustinWorland• Sarah Cooley: @co2ley• Justin Kenney: @JustinKenney (Filling in for Monica Medina)• Peter Thomson: @ThomsonFiji• Ian Urbina: @ian_urbina
MJ, SEJ Staff
Ocean and Climate Change Toolbox — more than 20 key resources on ocean policy, shipping, fisheries, sea level rise, marine ecosystems and “blue climate” solutions: https://www.sej.org/publications/special-reports/climate-solutions/ocean-and-climate-change-toolbox
Scott Hajost
Hello all. Scott Hajost board vice-chair Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition/Member Executive Committee IUCN US National Committee- Washington, DC.
Ahmed Sulayman
Hello to all
Justin Kenney
Hello everyone, Justin Kenney at U.S. State Department kenneyjh@state.gov
MJ, SEJ Staff
2022 UN Ocean Conference: https://www.un.org/en/conferences/ocean2022
David Helvarg
Timely panel: https://progressive.org/op-eds/national-ocean-month-climate-action-helvarg-220621/
lisa palmer
Hello! What a terrific panel and especially important discussion on oceans. I'm particularly interested in healthy oceans and solutions to sustainable use of oceans for humans. - Lisa Palmer, journalist, author, and journalism professor at George Washington Univ.
MJ, SEJ Staff
SDG14: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal14
Meaghan Parker
Congratulations Justin! https://coveringclimatenow.org/climate-beat-story/the-2022-covering-climate-now-journalism-awards-honor-superior-coverage-of-the-biggest-story-of-our-time/
Wil Burns
Wil Burns. Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy & Culture, Northwestern University. We hope that many of you will join us for our Second Annual Carbon Dioxide Removal Law & Policy Conference: https://sites.northwestern.edu/cdrlaw/ If you wish to be placed on our mailing list, please contact me at: william.northwestern.edu.
muriel strand
how can i save the char??
MJ, SEJ Staff
Hi Muriel! The chat log will be posted to SEJ.org later today.
Diana Haemer
Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to hearing about what the UN & global leaders think of geoengineering strategies that could mitigate the effects of ocean acidification and coral bleaching. Diana Haemer, freelance writer, author, publisher of In Circulation newsletter via Substack.
MJ, SEJ Staff
IPCC Working Group II report: https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/
MJ, SEJ Staff
IPCC report, Chapter 3, Oceans and Coastal Systems and their Services https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/downloads/report/IPCC_AR6_WGII_FinalDraft_Chapter03.pdf
MJ, SEJ Staff
Climate and Sea Level: https://www.fao.org/fishery/en/activities
Climate change increases sea level for two reasons. Warmer water expands and ice locked up in land-based ice melts. This NASA website includes a dashboard with current sea level rise data, as well as links to evidence, causes, effects, scientific consensus and a FAQ.
MJ, SEJ Staff
Mangroves: https://climate.nasa.gov/news/3009/nasa-study-maps-the-roots-of-global-mangrove-loss/
Mangroves store enormous amounts of carbon and are considered a “nature-based solution,” but are being rapidly destroyed, finds this 2020 NASA study.
MJ, SEJ Staff
The Outlaw Ocean Project: https://www.theoutlawocean.com/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Hi Drew! If you’d like to ask a question to the panelists, please use the Q&A button under the speaker video. Thanks!
MJ, SEJ Staff
International Maritime Organization: https://www.imo.org/en
Shipping accounts for as much greenhouse gas emissions as aviation and efforts to cut emissions are now being discussed as part of pledges to the nationally determined contributions in the Paris Agreement.
MJ, SEJ Staff
What Role forOcean-BasedRenewable Energyand Deep-SeabedMinerals in aSustainable Future?: https://oceanpanel.org/sites/default/files/2020-10/Ocean%20Energy%20and%20Deep-Sea%20Minerals%20Full%20Paper.pdf
Jan Muhammad
Balochistan has about 775 km long coast, which is so neat and clean for now, but horrible threat is that, around five million gallons of sewage water is released into the coast line near Karachi city, which is the cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. It is estimated that around 4,000 tonnes of garbage being dumped in the vast water body every day. How do we find IUCN, WWF, EPA, and GoP? Who will stop this? can we stop It merely organizing conferences? It seems IOs, are not so much serious about the coastal areas of third world countries, because there is no check, monitoring system or regulatory mechanism,
MJ, SEJ Staff
Ocean and climate change dialogue - UNFCCC: https://unfccc.int/topics/ocean/ocean-and-climate-change-dialogue
MJ, SEJ Staff
Coral Reefs at Risk: https://gcrmn.net/2020-report/
Coral, which support a quarter of all marine life, are the first major marine ecosystem to be at risk of extinction due to climate change. This 2020 report by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network summarizes the condition of coral globally. A 2021 comparison of reefs from The Nature Conservancy and Canada's Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance provides a clear assessment of risks to reefs.
Diana Haemer
Coral bleaching, reef shading, and the Great Barrier Reef: https://incirculation.substack.com/p/throwing-reef-shade
Mary Hoff
Project Drawdown projects the potential (substantial) contributions of ocean-based technologies and practices to climate change mitigation:
Mary Hoff
David Helvarg
An Ocean Climate Action Plan: https://bluefront.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/OCAP-Report_R3_Web-1.pdf
Mary Hoff
Also seafloor protection: https://drawdown.org/solutions/seafloor-protection
Mary Hoff
and improved aquaculture: https://drawdown.org/solutions/improved-aquaculture
Justin Kenney
Major Economies Forum https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/06/18/chairs-summary-of-the-major-economies-forum-on-energy-and-climate-held-by-president-joe-biden/
MJ, SEJ Staff
SEJ’s Topics on the Beat — Water & Oceans: https://www.sej.org/category/topics-beat/water
Justin Kenney
Also, at the beginning of this month, National Ocean Month, the Biden-Harris Administration made several ocean announcements https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/06/08/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-celebrates-world-ocean-day-with-actions-to-conserve-americas-deepest-atlantic-canyon-cut-plastic-pollution-and-create-americas-first-ever-o/
MJ, SEJ Staff
SEJ’s Climate Change Resource Guide — Water: https://www.sej.org/climate-guide/climate-change-topics#water. Includes Fourth National Climate Assessment (2018), reports from UNICEF, World Meteorological Organization, U.S. EPA, NOAA, U.N. FAO, CDC, NRDC and more.
MJ, SEJ Staff
SEJournal, Oct 14, 2020: “Time To Flip the Ocean Script — From Victim to Solution” by Virginia Gewin. https://www.sej.org/publications/sej-news/time-flip-ocean-script-victim-solution
Meaghan Parker
Check out innovative and engaging coverage of oceans and coasts funded by SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism, including part of Ian Urbina's Outlaw Ocean project. https://www.sej.org/fej-funded-stories-by-topic#oceans-coasts-globally
Meaghan Parker
Thank you to the Walton Family Foundation, Moore Foundation, and individual donors for funding these FEJ story projects on oceans and coasts. Donate to FEJ here: www.sej.org/donate
Jan Muhammad
Genocide of marine resources on Pakistan coast by trawlers owned by powerful mafia, and local people call them 'factory ships'; has become a routine, which totally damaging the ecosystem of the region. Thousands of men, women, children protest day to day basis, but no international organziaiotn takes notice,
MJ, SEJ Staff
High Seas Treaty: https://www.un.org/bbnj/
The open ocean remains the largest unpoliced and unregulated area on the planet. Despite years of effort, attempts by the international community to put in place a treaty on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction, otherwise known as the BBNJ treaty, failed again in March 2022: https://news.mongabay.com/2022/03/fourth-round-of-u-n-talks-fail-to-finalize-a-treaty-to-manage-the-high-seas/.
Meaghan Parker
Watch "The Smell of Money," the Outlaw Ocean Project story funded in part by FEJ and follow @ian_urbina for announcements of more exciting stories to come! https://www.theoutlawocean.com/reporting/the-smell-of-money/
David Helvarg
Seems like the only resource not fully exploited in the Ocean is good stories.
MJ, SEJ Staff
Law of the Sea Convention: https://www.state.gov/law-of-the-sea-convention/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Our Shared Seas 2022 GUIDE TO KEY OCEAN EVENTS: https://oursharedseas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-Guide-to-Ocean-Super-Year.pdf
Sarah Cooley
@David Helvarg you're right! everyone loves a good sea story...
MJ, SEJ Staff
Marine Protected Areas: https://www.rmg.co.uk/stories/our-ocean-our-planet/what-is-30x30-marine-protected-areas-ocean-2030
Like national parks on land, marine protected areas are established to sustain biodiversity and healthy ecosystems amid changing seas. There are concerns as to their effectiveness, but continue to be encouraged. Initiated in the U.K., the U.N. has endorsed a target of protecting 30% of the seas by 2030, described in this account.
MJ, SEJ Staff
Check out SEJ’s Ocean and Climate Change Toolbox and stay tuned for an SEJournal Tipsheet on covering ocean-based solutions based on this webinar. https://www.sej.org/publications/special-reports/climate-solutions/ocean-and-climate-change-toolbox
Justin Kenney
CMAR: https://www.state.gov/u-s-government-support-for-the-eastern-tropical-pacific-marine-corridor/
MJ, SEJ Staff
Blue Carbon in Sea Grasses, Mangroves, Marshes: https://www.thebluecarboninitiative.org/
A new effort from Conservation International’s Blue Carbon Initiative to bolster coastal health by developing carbon offsets in mangroves, sea grasses and tidal marshes.
MJ, SEJ Staff
Plastic Pollution Treaty: https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/03/1113142
The first global treaty on plastic pollution was endorsed in a U.N. Environment Assembly resolution in March 2022 to address the growing global emissions attributed to plastics, which the fossil fuel industry is eyeing as an important continued revenue stream. With hundreds of millions of tons of plastic entering the ocean each day, it’s unclear whether the treaty will be able to address those environmental concerns.
Justin Kenney
Thanks SEJ and everyone. Stay in touch kenneyjh@state.gov
MJ, SEJ Staff
Thank you for joining us today! And thanks again to Hewlett Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Packard Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation for their support. A recording of this event will be posted here ASAP: https://www.sej.org/calendar/sej-webinar-oceans-solutions-covering-blue-climate-and-ocean-based-climate-strategies. In the meantime:Follow SEJ:https://twitter.com/sejorghttps://twitter.com/EJTodayNewshttps://www.instagram.com/sejournalistshttps://www.facebook.com/SocietyOfEnvironmentalJournalistsSign up for SEJ’s email list to receive the SEJournal, future webinar notifications, reporting resources and the EJToday environmental news digest directly to your inbox: https://www.sej.org/sej-info-mailing-listsBecome an SEJ member: https://www.sej.org/how-to-join-sejDonate to SEJ: https://www.sej.org/donate-sejThanks again and take care!
Melina Nguyen
Thank you to all the panelists!
Melina Nguyen
Thank you Justin!
Angela Stevenson
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Scott Hajost
Antarctica and Southern Ocean needs to be part of the conversation with massing climate change with global sealevel rise implications
Rich Blaustein
Thank you for a very illuminating discussion !
Mary Hoff
Fantastic webinar, thank you!
Ahmed Sulayman
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