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Protecting the Platypus - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Laidler
Hello everyone and welcome to the final instalment of the ‘Season of Creation Webinar Series’, brought to you by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, in collaboration with Wildlife Queensland. The webinar today is on ‘Protecting the Platypus’. We will just wait a couple more minutes for more people to join us.
Jessica Laidler
As we move throughout this session, please, feel free to type any questions you have in the Zoom Q&A section. We will have some time to answer these questions towards the end of the webinar, however, those that we do not get time to respond to will be recorded and responded to at a later date.
Jessica Laidler
This online event is being recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to those registered one day following the end of this session.
Aaron Wiggan
I love that picture on the previous slide
Sandy Meyers
so amazing you can do that with the samples!
Zali Brookes
Thank you for such an excellent presentation, Tamielle. Fascinating to learn about eDNA. Thank you Matt and WPSQ for organising.
Bob Prewett
thankyou. a great presentation
Mike Corrie
Thank you for a great presentation.
Miriam Nyrene
Thank you very much Tamielle, Miriam Nyrene (Scenic Rim Regional Council)
Jessica Laidler
On behalf of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane and Wildlife QLD, a huge thank you to those who have tuned in. The webinar recording will be sent via email approx. 24 hours from now. We will also have the information presented (including the hotline numbers mentioned) and the recording available on the Wildlife Queensland webpage after the event: https://wildlife.org.au/protecting-the-platypus-webinar/If you have time, please fill out the short survey that will pop up on your screen once this session is finished.