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The Case for Responsible Travel: Lessons from COVID -19 for Tourism in a Changing Climate - Shared screen with speaker view
Vandita Hajra
Nichole McGrew
hi from Seattle
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Hi! Excited to be here.
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Erin Jaszczak
Hello from Florida!
fiona dunne
Hi colleagues, Fiona Dunne, Tourism Ireland-fdunne@tourismireland, thanks CREST!
Colin Bidewell
Hello everyone from Colchester UK. lounger-logger.com
Thomas Kalchik
So happy to be here today! Hello from, Washington DC
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Hello from the Netherlands!
Crew Stover
Hello from Tahoe
Andrea Pinabell
Good morning from Andrea Pinabell, CREST Board member. (from Atlanta, GA US)
Donald Leadbetter
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Samantha Bray
Welcome, everyone! Here is the link to our "Case for Responsible Travel: Trends & Statistics" report for reference: https://www.responsibletravel.org/docs/CaseforResponsibleTravel_2020_Web2.pdf
Clara Spini
Hi everyone! from Italy
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Greetings from the San Juan Islands!
Christine Winebrenner Irick
Hello, Christine with Lotus Sojourns & Soul of Travel interview series here from Denver, CO. Excited to be here!
Katie Darr
Hello, Katie Darr from NOAA’s Marine Protected Areas Center in DC
Samantha Bray
Here's that link again! https://www.responsibletravel.org/docs/CaseforResponsibleTravel_2020_Web2.pdf
Colin Bidewell
17x SDGs to address for 2030...not just c19 and SDG13/climate change...
Maricar Donato
Happy World Tourism Day / week
Laura Hamm
Hello all, Laura from Traverse Journeys in the US. Based in Austin, and studying MSc in Sustainable Development at UCD in Ireland.
Gregory Miller
Welcome friends! I mentioned our new Future of Tourism Coalition, which can be reached at www.futureoftourism.org. Thanks! Greg
Hello, Susana Conde from Genuinspain
GenuineSpain sorry jeje
Mohamed Raaidh
Greetings from the Maldives. I am currently the Managing Director of Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) - a 100% Maldivian Government State Owned Enterprise that has been mandated with the development of integrated tourism (in local inhabited islands) in the Maldives. My email is raaidh@mitdc.com.mv. Thank you.
Juliet Kinsman
Yes! Sorry, cruise industry — but no tears being shed by this Sustainability Editor in London. Start being more mindful of your social, environmental and economic impact and I’ll write about you and celebrate you, happily — but until there’s more regulation around paying your taxes, contributing to local communities and regulating pollution and workers rights, I’d rather talk about the Good Guys.
Colin Bidewell
Look at flowdowns of UNSDGs (x17) into enterprise corporate accounts....reporting anarchy by enterprises being bailed out by taxpayers bailing them out....why ??
Colin Bidewell
Crew Stover
But doesn't that mean that tourism becomes more and more out of reach of common people, if we charge more to make experiences sustainable?
Juliet Kinsman
I don’t have a problem with bailout if it leads to a vested interest from the government!
Colin Bidewell
Sustainability doesn't have to only mean cost-up/profit erosion by definition...new commercial models mean that sustainability solutions can drive net profitability in the solution itself....ie direct relationship between revenue and accessibility/compliance/sustainability eg via digital - it just needs the right people talking to make it happen and show it working
Juliet Kinsman
I’d love it if the government bought up hotels and travel companies ! (Well it depends on the government I suppose — but if they have an environmental and social interest at heart…)
Juliet Kinsman
10 billion euros to salvage Air France-KLM meant France and Holland involved in public money meant the government holds a big stake and their motivation not just to be profitable but environmentally friendly —more efficient — and they have prioritised dropping domestic airline routes where a fast train systems perfectly fine — ergo this bailout has proven in some ways a massive win for sustainability.
Lebawit Girma
I would love to see more racial and social inclusivity in the sustainability discussions that take place in travel. Those who live sustainability by default on the ground should also be given more support and a voice so as to find solutions that work on a bigger scale. Particularly for the Caribbean, where there’s a huge lack of consumer-facing information - which is why I created SeetheCaribbean.org recently.
Denaye Hinds
This session is being recorded
Lebawit Girma
I agree with Mr. Biemans!
Gregory Miller
In addition to the recorded session, CREST will be making other resources mentioned in the webinar available in a follow-up email to all registered attendees. Thanks!
Robin Koestoyo-Barnoske
Ewald, are your staff members active in educating the guests?
Colin Bidewell
UV and skincancer a big issue too (SDG3.4), given skin cancer treatment overspends and opportunity cost impact on innocent consequential patient in our (public) health systems..we shouldn't forget non-SDG13 SDGs in order to improve performance in SDG13...
S Jacob Scherr
Thanks for a very interesting and stimulating conversation. I am consulting with a campaign in The Bahamas which has challenged Disney to include consideration of COVID and climate change in its EIA on its proposed cruise ship port at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera. This could be an interesting test case to stimulate consideration of a low-carbon tourism future.
Susan Logan
Hello from Bucuti & Tara - thank you for the question - we have a full time department head, Sustainability Manager who leads the charge of educating guests on tours and within the looping video. Sustainability is deep within our company culture every associate is involved and part of the process
Robin Koestoyo-Barnoske
Disney World is filling up because of the precautions and enforcements to prevent virus infections. We saw a major pivot about two weeks ago. Attendance made a steep upward climb and hotel rooms are booking up, but the resorts are using a “checkerboard” to separate guests to keep them safe.
Gregory Miller
Hi Jacob! That's great to hear and we'd love to learn more about what you are learning and how we can share lessons learned and best practices. Let me know. G
S Jacob Scherr
Hi Greg, Great to see you again. Let’s talk at your earliest convenience. I’ll be in touch, Jacob
Karen Rubin
Massive cruiselines should change itineraries so stay in ports longer, so don't overwhelm with thousands of passengers all coming out at same time, become more like extra hotel capacity. Sail less, so have less carbon-emissions impact. Ports should limit how many cruiseships in port at any one time.Shift to carbon-neutral? Car rentals can play a role in re-educating public on electric vehicles if they fill fleets. People get to try out, also changes the resale market. Hotels would have e-charging stations for EV cars, e-bikes (as europe now does for e-bikes). Government role would be to incentivize with tax credits for changing over fleets, for hotels to install charging stations.
Karen Rubin
The combing of twin crises of climate change & COVID can actually work together as rebuild: if supply demand, restrictions will reduce volume of visitors, so can raise prices. Yes, the affluent will continue to travel, mass travel will change to domestic/driveable, but also vacations return to being perhaps once-a-year and valued. Travel industry, from transportation to hospitality to destinations/attractions can still be sustained economically, with less adverse impact. Would be wrong to adapt, re-emerge with same business model focused on volume, mass-travel.
Timothy O'Donoghue
Especially in destinations where there are significant drive markets, the “early adopters” of travel once restrictions were relaxed attracted large numbers of visitors, many of which left their home population centers to be free of restrictions and thus brought the coronavirus with them
Colin Bidewell
Gov'ts need to legislate on SDG reporting frameworks in annual accounts....since they committed to the SDGs in the first place in 2015...also an issue is the underwriting of sub-accessible/sub-sustainable travel products via eg ATOL scheme....limited regulatory scope sends the wrong message....
Bartomeu Deya
It is not just taking care of nature but also the agricultural landscapes. Stakeholder participation is also necessary.
Amiel Greener
I think an emphasis needs to be put on a "slow travel" approach. Young people, especially from US like to wear the number of countries they visit as some kind of skewed badge of honor. This is the wrong attitude, and tells one nothing about the meaningfulness of travel. Yes, less trips per year, yes, stay a bit longer. No one can see everything, and that should be ok,. We need to get rid of false "bucket lists". Be happy with what you have seen and experienced so far, not be in some false competition to see more and more....
fiona dunne
Agreed.... go deeper...stay longer...travel is the same as the number of insta likes
fiona dunne
in that its the # o fplaces you have visite that seems to count more
Amy Nesler
Bartomeu Deya
Quality tourism is not always about adquisitive cappacity but also about cultural level.
Karen Rubin
Need government policy, leadership, regulations combined with incentives to make the transition to sustainability/responsible tourism, because otherwise, the good-actors are penalized, harder to compete, because have to charge more, or limit numbers.
Lisa Sorenson
Good point Daniel BUT governments pay lip service and sign agreements to protect the environment and they they turn around and promote massive developments in sensitive areas. CBI Program and funding their re-election campaigns under the guise of creating jobs from these inappropriate developments. See for example: https://bit.ly/GrenadaNatureDestruction
Jonathan Tourtellot
Re mass resort travel: We must have a reasonable offer for the working stiffs with modest salaries who just want to fly and flop to a better climate and get away from their stinking jobs for a week. Sustainability will fail our only answer is “sorry, you must stay home – forever.”
Juliet Kinsman
One final thought from me: I’m overjoyed sustainable travel conversations now much better at including diversity/inclusivity conversation as part of the conversations, but please let’s not forget about a need for the tourism industry to be speaking to more people of differing abilities as part of the — 1 in 5 people has a mental or physical impairment: it’s a missed commercial opportunity more than anything, much of the time!
Karen Rubin
Important to educate consumers, travelers, change habits and be more mindful, intentional, true. Also, if able to see sustainable practices, experience them, may take home to own municipality and even their own home. But these changes will contribute just a small percentage of lowering greenhouse emissions. Overall, need change at government/leadership level, policy level, regulatory level, systems level including energy grid, transportation, infrastructure, how buildings constructed/codes/capacity
Jessica Blotter
Love that you are talking about impact travel as a way of building meaningful purpose into trips and giving back to local communities. This is exactly why KindTraveler.com exists - through a Give + Get hotel booking model, travelers are empowered to positively impact the communities they visit through a network of 70 destination-specific charities and 120 hotels in 15 countries. If anyone on the call would like to connect further, I am happy to connect: jblotter@kindtraveler.com
Crew Stover
Thank you panelists. This has been an excellent and thought-provoking webinar! Gave us lots of actionable ideas.
fiona dunne
Yes indeed, thank you so much. Great moderating, great questions. Good to hear a panel go beyond the surface on sustainable tourism issues.
Philip VIDAL
Thank you all panelists and participants. Excellent discussion. Many great new insights and plenty of food for thought for this immediate future. Thanks.
Colin Bidewell
So given that regulatory frameworks isn't good enough....what about actual industry leadership ? Investor pressure on boards ? "sustainable finance" as per Ch3(B)(1)(c) UK FSMA 2000 "sustainable development" ? Legislation is in place...it's just not being executed...
Bartomeu Deya
Congratulations to CREST. Thanks to the panelists. I am from the Spanish Mediterranean island Mallorca facing similar issues related to Covid crisis and the dilemma of rethinking tourism. It sounds clever but not easy for many many people living from tourism.
Erin Jaszczak
Jessica Blotter- Love KindTraveler and your contributions to impactful travel experiences!
Samantha Bray
If anyone has resources they would like to share that help solve any of these issues, please feel free to share them with us at info@responsibletravel.org, and we'll add them to our compiled resources!
Karen Rubin
Danger is that governments desperate to reinvigorate local economies allow too fast reopening, redevelopment without climate change/sustainability in mind.
Jessica Blotter
Thank you, Erin! Appreciate your support as we grow and evolve :)
Lisa Sorenson
thanks for your helpful comments! Please sign our petition to fight these developments in Grenada that will irreparably harm the country’s natural heritage: https://www.change.org/p/our-paradise-and-sovereignty-under-siege-protect-grenada-from-destructive-development?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=custom_url&recruited_by_id=722de340-e8c6-11ea-8e7b-b54caae763d0
Robin Koestoyo-Barnoske
Responsible travel is best implemented when the communities at tourism destinations decide to determine what sustainability practices will be put into place and are enforced and respected by business owners and by arrivals.
Jessica Blotter
Congrats to CREST and the panelists. The new CREST Case for Responsible Travel: 2020 Trends & Stats is an imperative educational report essential for catalyzing the shift and understanding needed for responsible and sustainable travel: https://www.responsibletravel.org/docs/CaseforResponsibleTravel_2020_Web.pdf
Annie Deroo
thank you very inspiring!
Marleen De Oliveira
Thank you for this inspiring Webinar!
Airon Whitt
Several of you asked about programs or how businesses can shift from quantity to quality. And even how we can plan and prepare for an uncertain future… I want to share a resource with you all and especially for eco hotels… we are putting a new training this week for small hotels you can find it at www.balancedbusinessmethod.com and you can join this group to share resources for hoteliers during the pandemic! https://www.facebook.com/groups/hotelsofimpact

Thanks again! Great Webinar!
Robin Koestoyo-Barnoske
Thank you CREST, for the webinar.
Mohamed Raaidh
Thank you CREST. Love from Maldives
Timothy O'Donoghue
From Jackson Hole - keep the conversation going as well as collaborative action!
Lisa Sorenson
THANK YOU so much CREST and the panelists!
Colin Bidewell
Thank you
Jonathan Tourtellot
Great job, CREST!
Gabriel Gerson
Thank you everyone! So well done
Samantha Bray
Feel free to email us any time at info@responsibletravel.org with follow up questions or to connect with the panelists, and please follow us on social!
Andrea Murray
Amen! Thanks Gregory and all panelists.
Thomas Kalchik
Thank you CREST and Panelists!