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The ECON LAB @RC: 2021 Fall Mini-Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Alex McCarthy
Great analysis, everyone! Some of you mentioned that the results you got where more or less what you expected. Was anyone really surprised by your results? If so, what surprised you about them?
Michelle Austin
Thank you all for your research! Just recently I said that I needed to learn more about NIL and I was wondering how Pfizer and Moderna were doing financially from the vaccine. I learned about both while eating lunch! I appreciate it. Sports and Economics...two of my favorite topics :)
As a tag on to the minimum wage question, it was very interesting to see Maryland with a higher minimum wage have a lower peak unemployment when compared to VA and NC. Do you have any additional thoughts on the reason (types or concentrations of industries, labor laws and policies, etc.?)
Kristal Mainsah
Glad to see the Econ Lab still excelling as usual!!! Not going to lie I was worried specifically how the Econ Dept would be without me and Theo ;)
Marit Berntson
Great work everyone!
Theo Bookheimer
Great job everyone!
Alex McCarthy
Great work!