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Professional Licensure Townhall - Shared screen with speaker view
Brandy Gunsolus
Welcome to all attendees!
Labucate ASCLS
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Kim Von Ahsen
Thank you Judy & TN for your continued work.
Stephanie Noblit
Remember you can ask questions to the panel in the Q&A
Sarah Beatty
This is terrifying
Rodney Rohde
Thanks Judy! Keep on fighting TN! Here is an article I and my coauthors put out in 2015 regarding licensure of medical lab professionals. See: https://www.elsevier.com/connect/almost-anyone-can-perform-your-medical-laboratory-tests-wait-what
Sarah Beatty
As someone who was responsible for a non-CLIA environmental laboratory in Michigan any people we hired straight out of school with a BS were completely nonfunctional in basic competencies, such as quality control, pipetting, dilutions, and integrity concepts. It was very expensive to train these individuals to the basic competency of an MLT, not to mention MLS.
Letycia Nunez-Argote
Thank you Dr. Gunsolus
Rodney Rohde
Great job Dr. Gunsolus! Thanks for that resource too!
Joan Polancic
Brandy, Can you post that link to the UK study here? Thx
Brandy Gunsolus
Brandy Gunsolus
John -In a large MLS Facebook group, the sentiment of licensure is just the state taking money, unfortunately. Even in our own profession, it is difficult for individuals to understand the need.
Brandy Gunsolus
Biz - I have not seen the AMA take a stand one way or the other on lab state licensure.
Vivian Stuart
Blessings ASCLS Family, Vivian Stuart, Charlotte, NC. From NY! I just learned about this ASCLS Zoom meeting on Licensure. I am licensed in NY as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist. Even though retired, I still keep my license updated. We did use a Lobbyist.
Rodney Rohde
Texas also used a lobbyist back in 2013 timeframe when we thought we had our "best chance"....spent quite a chunk from our state resources.
Vivian Stuart
If you want to be Licensed this is the time! They need you more during this time of Covid-19! Also NY Licensure is under the NY State Department of Education. We did not want to be licensed under the Department of Health.
Rodney Rohde
Brandy's reference: Sutherland K, Leatherman S. Does certification improve medical standards?. BMJ. 2006;333(7565):439-441. doi:10.1136/bmj.38933.377824.802 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1553526/
Vivian Stuart
Blessings Angela, How are you my Friend!!!
Vivian Stuart
Re: NY ... It was a lot of work!
Sarah Beatty
@Angela Robinson I appreciate your comments! So well spoken.
Sarah Beatty
We need to compile a national database of all testing errors so we can use it in licensure efforts
Vivian Stuart
That’s right Angela! We must be firm in our talk. All on the same page. We had a great Lobbyist Team. 1199SEIU was great help!
Rodney Rohde
IN all of our TX attempts, we included "grandfather" clauses to try and control that fear.....
Rodney Rohde
THANKS everyone!