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CIR: Virtual Spy Chat with Chris Costa and Doug Wise - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Goldbeck
In the mid-1990’s, the CIA made a major reduction in overseas human intelligence staff in favor of “national technical means.” How successful has the U.S. been in managing its human intelligence capabilities?
Brian Goldbeck
The intelligence on Iraq’s nuclear weapons development was clearly “cooked” – skewed to meet the White House’s expectations. How can this be avoided in the future? What protections are there for intelligence whistleblowers?
Sandy Campbell
Folks - the Spy Museum needs your help in this extremely difficult time:
Sandy Campbell
Herb Thomas
Re Brian’s comment, My recollection is that Administration leaders like Cheney, Feith and Wolfowitz pushed for intel community conclusions that matched their preconceived notions. The professionals that I know, like Greg Thielmann of INR at State, pushed back. Also the scientists at Oak Ridge re aluminum tubes. There *were* regular FSO’s (not intelligence officers) however, who were ready to believe things that weren’t true.
Sandy Campbell
To Start a War
Sandy Campbell
how the Bush administration took America into Iraq
Sandy Campbell
by Draper