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The Roundtable Panel Discussion: Innovation and Collaboration among NYC Emergency Food Providers - Shared screen with gallery view
Erika Freund
Hi Everyone, Please use the chat box here. Thank you for coming.
Erika Freund
Please feel free to chat me directly with questions, thanks!
Matthew Jozwiak
We could not agree more - that was such a huge win for us.
Marco Navarro
I understand there's a report under development to document this pilot and lessons. Might that be available to learn about this productive effort and its ability to leverage the collective buying power.
Erika Freund
Hi Marco, yes we will be putting the link in the chat at the end
Erika Freund
And sending it out tall attendees
Erika Freund
We can also send out last years as well. It's very informative
Erika Freund
please feel free to email me a well, efreund@wscah.org
Erin Rose Collins
Good afternoon everyone, thank you for hosting this event and your dedication to feeding New Yorkers! (Erin Rose, Policy Director, Office of Senator Jackson, erinrose@senatorjackson.com) What are you looking to accomplish with budget when the Legislature goes back next year? What different types of support do you need to continue this amazing work?
Erika Freund
Hi Jeremy, thanks for coming!
Admin wscah
Please use this link to view The Roundtable report:bit.ly/Roundtable_2021
Erika Freund
Many thanks to everyone for coming. Please email efreund@wscah.org for any follow up questions. We will be sending out the report to each of you.