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Rural COVID-19 Vaccine webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessie Waite
Are we welcome to put questions in here as we go?
Marie Daly RGPN
PLease do, I'll make sure Jo or Wilson get to them
Jessie Waite
I have a question regarding about being vaccinated. If you were to get Covid - and you pass it on to someone who is not vaccinated, do you give them a 'weaker' version due to you being vaccinated, or does that not change?
Jessie Waite
I am sure you are aware that there is some anxiousness about the vaccine - I guess due to the lead in time and the narrative from some groups about the health dangers from the vaccine that can occur. What is your messaging to people who might be feeling anxious about the vaccine? How safe is it?
Jessie Waite
Will we need to have a vaccine every year (like the flu jab) , and will that be just one, or again the two vaccines?
How safe is it if so many people are being vax injured or die
Ash Foley
would it be advised to get your second vaccination after three weeks rather than six? under the current higher risk if exposure to delta in NZ at the moment
How can you know the long term effects of it hasn’t been around long enough to know
Jessie Waite
Why is it that we haven't seen the same devastating results as we have in other countries, even in Australia, of young healthy people dieing from Covid-19? Is it our healthier air? Lifestyles?
Jessie Waite
Can you please explain more regarding why Ivermectin isn't affecteive? I have just heard people talk about this a bit in the community.
Jessie Waite
Sorry this is probably a big question and totally respect if you can't answer it, but I think some of the anxiety around the vaccine is doctors speaking out against it and telling people not to get it. Based on the science and the stats - what is causing this narrative?
Jessie Waite
That was a good explanation thank you!
Marie Daly RGPN
Really great explanation of the reason Ivermectin is on the radar
Jessie Waite
100% agree on your opinion being based on what you are reading - I think that's what is making it all very overwhelming
Jeremy Webber RGPN
Ivermectin is still useful for liver fluke in cattle though, but not COVID
Jessie Waite
I have totally hijacked the whole webinar ha ha thank you very much for taking the time to do this webinar for New Zealand Young Farmers.
Maitland Manning - NZPork
Well done Wilson and Jo, great presentation and good job answering the questions all
I’m still terrified that either myself or children will be end up with side effect or vax damaged
Thanks team, really great presentation.
Lucy FD
Thanks very much for putting this on for us! Very informative and helpful, much appreciated!