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ISRAELI PALESTINIAN PEACE SIMULATION - Shared screen with speaker view
Carl Goldberg
Today is exactly the 100th anniversary of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine which officially declared that all of Palestine was to be for the RECONSTITUTION of the homeland for the Jews. That League of Nations Mandate was officially adopted by the United Nations.
Joshua Myron
sorry I am a bit confused about THE Palestinian Government with two separate sections (PA and Hamas) each having veto party?
Joshua Myron
are there three governments??
PA leader (Abu Mazen): Caryn Graves
Joshua- I'm guessing that so long as Hamas and the PA remain separate, then with the confederation, there I believe there would then actually be 4 governments, in total: 1. Israel, 2. PA, 3. Hamas, 4. confederation (but if Hamas & the PA unite, then there would be 3 governments)
Joshua Myron
Are Hamas and PA two states?? geographically based?
PA leader (Abu Mazen): Caryn Graves
They're two governments.
Ali Nazzal
I think this will help in solving the right of return Dilma for the Palestinian refugees
Nerina Cecchin
For Carl Goldberg: Nov 29 of 1947 the UN voted to partition Palestine, with more than half to Jews though they made up less than half the population
Nerina Cecchin
Very good point Josef
Nerina Cecchin
PM continues to dehumanizee Palestinians in Gaza
Libby Traubman
joint means shared, cooperation, agreements one side still can't control the other
Nerina Cecchin
Blockade has been ongoing for 15 years.
Joshua Myron
how is there a confederation without recognized borders? the security barrier is NOT on any recognized border?
Ali Nazzal
it looks like the Israeli PM wants a sense of peace and to keep the blockage on the Gazan!
Nerina Cecchin
It seems like the wall is more about keeping the Palestinians imprisoned, treating them as less than human. In Europe there are movements to allow animals to live freely because cages are harmful and cruel.
Sarah Sheriff
I’m afraid I agree Nerina
Joshua Myron
i guess i don't understand. the confederation is being established before a peace agreement?
Nerina Cecchin
I receive the newsletter. Very informative.
Ali Nazzal
suppose we are projecting different settings for the whole process; that means an intention for peace is real
Giacomo Valentini
@Joshua, the IPC bypasses the peace talks, because they are ineffective and are going nowhere
PA leader (Abu Mazen): Caryn Graves
I think that's a fair question, Joshua... Personally, I believe establishing peace, and establsihing the confederation, can be done simultaneously (i.e., Israel could extend a peace offer to the PA & Hamas, where part of the peace deal is the establishment of the confederation, and the other parts of the deal would address other longstanding issues- like borders, Palestinians right of return, etc.- and then if this deal is accepted by the PA & Hamas, there would be both peace, and a confederation).
Joshua Myron
thx. the ipc is not about developing a confederation nor about simulating addressing issues that would arise when one will be formed by two (three?) independents states.But abut addressing issues in a simulation during a period of non peace
Sarah Sheriff
Nurit Peled’s book highlights aspects of the education Israeli kids get that is also problematic. It’s not good for future prospects
Joshua Myron
of course there are huge issues of education
Joshua Myron
in the Israeli system..formal and informa
PA leader (Abu Mazen): Caryn Graves
Indeed... The EU, for example, has been very criticial (and rightfully so, in my opinion) of Palestinian schools and textbooks, in terms of promoting hate and violence.
Robert Naiman