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November Mental Health Talks: HMPI Fellowship Review - Shared screen with speaker view
Monica Barczak, Ascension St. John
when it's time for Q&A... I just had my PCP visit and it was the Medical Assistant who asked the screening questions. Are MAs receiving training / should they?
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
Anna, what would you recommend as the number one action that can be taken in the short-term to incentivize any form of evidence-based integrated care model?
Anna L Richards
Here's a link to our website for more info on integrated care: https://www.healthymindspolicy.org/integrated-care/
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
Troy, the VA can pre-authorize use of medical services in non-VA facilities (thus, extending geographic options for care). How might this policy be carried out with the integrated care model in mind?
Monica Barczak, Ascension St. John
That was exactly what happened - she read the questions to me off the computer.
Monica Barczak, Ascension St. John
thank you!
Zack Stoycoff
Good questions!
Courtney Knoblock
It is definitely a question I will ask when I meet with Eastern OK VA folks -- I will ask them.
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
Thank you, Anna and Troy! Great work and good presentations!
Maddie Habeck (HMPI)
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