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Defending Democracy in a Period of Far-Right Insurrection - Shared screen with speaker view
Cindy Domingo
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Sharon Abreu
Hello! Sharon Abreu here from Orcas Island, WA State. How do you suggest we address the level of anger these people are experiencing? Do you think there’s a way we can connect with them, allow them to be heard, and diffuse at least some of that anger?
Mike Andrew
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Adrienne Weller
To defend abortion rights here are actions taking place on October 3 - https://mailchi.mp/0700d6c13121/10-3_national_calendar?e=0b5e4f61a2
Adrienne Weller
Also, the right wing attack on abortion and reproductive justice has roots in the movement against segregation.
Sean Gomez
Nice job linking pandemic denial to holocaust denial.
Bob Barnes
October 2nd-Rally for Reproductive Rights at Westlake Park in Seattle, 2pm
Adrienne Weller
And on October 3 - Seattle – “Not the Church, Not the State” rally and march2:00pm, Meet at St. James Cathedral, 804 9th Ave.March to Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart St.Sponsored by Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party, OPEIU Local 8, OWLS, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Rosie’s Machinists, Seattle Revolutionary Socialists, UAW Local 4121,Washington Poor People’s Campaign. Contact Radical Women Seattle at 206-722-6057 or RWSeattle@mindspring.com with any questions
Sharon Abreu
I’m concerned that if we don’t address what people are acting on emotionally, this will only keep escalating. If our sole strategy is to demonize people and hold protest rallies, and we don’t take any steps to connect, I don’t think we’re going to heal this. Can we acknowledge that if the post-WWI situation had been handled differently, WWII could have been prevented?
Sharon Abreu
I’ve had a couple of conversations with guys wearing MAGA hats, and they expressed gratitude for the conversation. One hugged me. I’m serious about this. So many of us are the walking wounded.
Sharon Abreu
I’m a progressive antiwar climate change activist.
Adrienne Weller
I think we anti-fascists need to unite with all the other targets of the KKK, Proud Boys, etc. We need to champion racial equality, women's rights, the rights of Muslims, immigrants, Arabs, Jews, LGBTOI, unions, sexism and anti-age. We need a united front to target the hostility toward those not rich, white and male. As an anti-Zionist Jew I also think that support for Israel in the U.S. encourages the growth of the ultra right.
Sharon Abreu
The pandemic has caused most everyone to experience more stress. Yet I don’t hear discussions about how that extra level of stress might be impacting people’s behavior. I’m not making excuses for bad behavior. But I think this should be acknowledged.
Ingrid Chapman
We definitely have union members who around the state who are joining the anti-vax protests. What are ideas on how we can engage our own members to not get sucked deeper into the far right/white suprematists ideology. What can we do counter their narratives with our own members?
Adrienne Weller
An example of unity -- Demands of the National Mobilization for Reproductive JusticeProtect & expand Roe v. Wade; safe, legal abortion on demand without apology • Repeal the Hyde Amendment • Overturn state barriers to reproductive choices • Stop forced sterilization • No to caged kids, forced assimilation, & child welfare abuses • End medical & environmental racism; for universal healthcare • Defend queer & trans families • Guarantee medically sound sex education & affordable childcare • Uphold social progress with expanded voting rights & strong unions
mindi lee
fear is making people stay quiet we need to protect those who say stop the hate
Harmony Rutter
thank you for being real Devin!!
Adrienne Weller
I totally agree with Leonard. We can't rely on the cops. Good for you Leonard.
Mike Andrew
Adrienne Weller
Those in pre-Nazi Germany who relied on the police instead of organizing and defending themselves were shunted into camps.
mindi lee
how do we police the socical media so twisted truth does not corrupt the population
Robby Stern
Link to new report from IREHR:
Bob Barnes
With the police, we are dealing with an organizatin that has been around a long time, and their early efforts included being slave catchers. Its an institution beyond reform. We don’t need to go toe to toe with them now because things would not turn out well for us. Ignoring them, to the best we can, works best. We have groups that have come into being since the rebellion started that do a better job than them: Bike Brigade, Car Brigade, Blaq Elephant Collective, John Brown Gun Club, numerous medical collectives, etc. who have been keeping us safe in the streets.
Robby Stern
Robby Stern
I believe "boxing it in" means making the ideas disreputable outside the group that is promoting the idea.
Adrienne Weller
Yes, we need organized self-defense.
Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
This is a useful one-page on tactics for cultural organizing against white nationalism: https://www.racefiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/No.-NOT-EVER.pdf
John Walling
Election officials are targeted. I see that as part of the far-right attack front.
Adrienne Weller
Unions can be a powerful force in defending our rights.
Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
Talk with people who are on the fence so they get immunized (pun intended) against the COVID deniers; don't try to turn the diehard COVID deniers.
Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
And until November 2 in Washington State, work with local election campaigns to make sure that COVID deniers don't get into office (or lose their seat if they already are). School Board and City positions are havily targetted by COVID deniers. (My opponent in the Port Angeles City Council race is a leader in the courthouse protest Devin described earlier.)
Lisa Dekker
Thank you Leonard and Devin ! Hard to hear, but necessary.
David Loud
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Sharon Abreu
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