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The Future is Femtech - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 2/2
Harriet Swearman
Thanks for the presentation @Sarah - amazing progress in such an important area. Wondered if you had looked into whether there may be value in monitoring earlier, or if any of your data had suggested you can pick up potential issues even earlier than when the woman presents at hospital (e.g. self monitoring through a wearable device/monitoring endocrine signals in the final few weeks of pregnancy?
Sri Raharjo
how if combine with this?...Frequency-Emotion Measurement Sensor
Makenzie Thomas
Loving the chat and passion! Michelle and Sarah, what do you think are some of the key issues around investment in FemTech? When it comes to life saving solutions, are you finding that investors are hesitant to invest in solutions that may have smaller markets, yet huge impact-potential? Thanks
Sarah Stephenson
I loved the book Period Power by Maisie Hill!
Sanjana Rao
In Pakistan, Auraatraaj is doing that
Lets do it!!
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
Oky is the world’s first period tracking and reproductive health education app developed together with young people. At The Case for Her, we are big proponents of human-centered design and are proud to support Oky in its work to empower young menstruators in a fun and positive way: https://thecaseforher.com/blog/meet-oky-the-period-tracker-made-for-girls-by-girls/
Makenzie Thomas
Yes, reading Period Queen and Period Power now!!
Yes love modi body for nighttime!
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
We aim to highlight the importance of choice, and encourage fellow menstrual health catalysts and providers to undertake similar and larger-scale consumer studies. The Case for Her has published a report about the importance of choice when it comes to menstrual materials: https://thecaseforher.com/blog/the-sheosk-study-a-story-of-choice/
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
Hi everyone! Louise from The Case for Her here, checking in from Stockholm. We are a philanthropic investment portfolio working exclusively with menstruation and female sexual health and pleasure. You will find us across social media on @thecaseforher, https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-case-for-her and at https://thecaseforher.com/
PhenomX Health, Dr. Colleen Fogarty Draper PhD RD
Natasha, yes to everything you say!
Annabelle Jones
They could also use that information space in the pads to share domestic violence helpline contacts! Anything but the jellyfish fact..
Sri Raharjo
Permission to Discuss: 1. Recent Trends in Evaluation and Monitoring of Existing Concrete Structures. Engineering Institute of Technology.A. Use ultrasonic or frequency to measure structure density already?...combine with Micro-Satellite and AI…B. there is no corrective action in big structure...it is for human...
Jeanette Anderson
The one pager pamphlet on peri-menopause I got from my really good GP about sent me over the edge. I couldn't really understand how there is just no real practical research done that is evidence-based on how to manage symptoms.
Jeanette Anderson
Any thoughts on how we can better fill the gap between evidence-based medicine interventions and research and the gap currently filled by non-evidence based "wellness influencers"?
Sri Raharjo
Any thoughts on how we can better fill the gap between evidence-based medicine interventions and research and the gap currently filled by non-evidence based "wellness influencers"?: How if using AI and Frequency-Emotion Measurement Sensor also?...
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
At The Case for Her, we are more than investors, we are also advocates for women's sexual and reproductive health. I hope some of you will give us a follow: https://twitter.com/thecaseforher
Sarah Stephenson
Thank you for sharing Louise! Will follow :)
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
Thanks, Sarah! :D
Annree Wogan
Funding of digital health - remote patient monitoring is very poor in Australia. We are still looking at pilots!! We need to mobilise the PHNs and Hospitals to collaborate and work together as they have the common goal of keeping patients well in the community and out of hospitals. COVID-19 remote patient monitoring ‘virtual wards’ in the UK, are effective in reducing clinically necessary hospital re-admissions for patients with COVID-19, as well as increasing hospital respiratory ward capacity by 40%..
Sarah Stephenson
And they usually bring coffee too! ;)
PhenomX Health, Dr. Colleen Fogarty Draper PhD RD
We need the same thing to be done with nutrition - ie like the Pharma reps
Sarah Stephenson
I agree Dr. Fogarty Draper, I would adore this!
Wendy Powell | MUTU
I know space to speak is limited! - if anyone would like to take a look I authored a piece on Linked In about exact topic last week :-) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/more-health-apps-dont-mean-better-quality-over-quantity-wendy-powell/
Megan Capriccio
Thanks Wendy! We’ll try to get to you if there’s time thanks for sharing
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
Menstrual Health is one of the most overlooked investment opportunities in women’s health. The Case for Her recently wrote an OpEd on this in FemTech Insider: https://femtechinsider.com/the-overlooked-investment-opportunity-menstrual-health/
Annree Wogan
submitting a fem tech vision 20-30 report to government, similar to the National Oncology Alliance 20-30 vision report which was submitted to government
Megan Capriccio
Great idea
Marisol Consuegra Prado
To continue the conversation, I’m currently interviewing people about their menstruation experience. Message me to be interviewed and feature your business with our readers.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marisolcp/
Michelle Perugini -Presagen
If anyone wants to reach out direct. My contact is michelle@presagen.com
Jessica Gzowska
Thanks everyone - a really insightful session!
Michelle Blackwell
Amazing session thank you - what a privilege to hear and learn from this intelligent, passionate group
Liz Dillon
Thank you for a great event
Louise Klintner, The Case for Her
Thanks all!
GB Tomoko Minagawa
Sally Dunstan
Fantastic Webinar - great to hear from everyone
Alby S
Thanks everyone. Great conversations, hope more will follow soon!