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CIR: Amb Mary Ann Casey on Radical Islam in Algeria and Tunisia - Shared screen with speaker view
How homogeneous is the population of Tunisia—religion, language, ethnicity, etc.? Was that a factor in its ability to move forward after the Arab Spring?
Salah-Dine Hammoud
When you served in Algeria were you ever involved in any mediation effort in the Algerians'long standing conflict with Morocco over the Western/Moroccan Sahara? It seems the US official policy simply wants to maintain the status quo.
Herb Thomas
Is Algeria diversifying its economy? It has oil—“the curse of oil’—and a young population with high unemployment. Any imaginative solutions?
Virginia McCallum
Virginia: It is commonly understood here the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia initiated by the self-immolation of a young man unable to secure work -- how to understand that given a stable and improving economy relative to population?
Herb Thomas
Economic difficulties plus the obvious corruption of Ben Ali?