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#MFGQuestionTime - Industry 4.0: Q&A Panel Discussion - Shared screen with gallery view
James Worthington
Hello all
James Worthington
Agreed John, the amount of factories(especially small) that I visit, I often see the robots sitting there doing nothing!
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HI Guys, please submit your question soon if you wish to ask any more thanks
Mike Hodge
so true, I4.0 is not a silver bullet - it requires a whole change management piece. The customer needs to want to get better. The analogy is like fitness, just because you bought a running machine - does not mean you will get fit.
Mike Hodge
So true - many pilots do not become rollouts, expectations don't get met, genuine business outcomes fail to be addressed or met. We have to implement I4.0 projects from an "Outcomes" perspective, in order to realise the potential it can offer.