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Week 2 Recap followed by Understanding Markets: Getting and Using Data to Make Strategic, Equitable VAD Decisions - Shared screen with speaker view
Justin Godard
The VAD Academy Website can be accessed here: https://amr.swoogo.com/2020VAD
Lea Henry
My community has not analyzed who is most impacted by VAD properties. I think the leadership makes assumptions because the neighborhoods most impacted are mostly African American residents.
Giancarlo Di Lonardo
The folks from Loveland Technologies (of Motor City Mapping) are very accessible and helpful. I've had a lot of experience with them. Happy to connect with others who have questions.
Michael Lawlor
Flint Property Portal and Motor City Mapping are both based on Landgrid/Loveland technology, very good to work with (as Giancarlo mentioned above) and very useful platform to allow residents to view and update parcel data