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EDA Office Hours - Meeting 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Anne Kandilis
If our employer partnership is an Anchor Institution collaborative made up of companies from different sectors (education, healthcare and manufacturing, municipalities), does that qualify for the industry/sector partnership? Thank you. ,
Andrea Kippur, National Fund
The EDA defines a sectoral partnership as: a partnership of employers from the same industry who join with other strategic partners to train and place workers into high-quality jobs that the employers need filled and intend to fill through the partnership. The strategic partners can include: government, education (including community and technical colleges), training organizations, economic development organizations, workforce development organizations, unions, labor management partnerships, industry associations, employer-serving organizations, and/or community-based organizations. A sectoral partnership is focused on one specific industry and one or more specific roles within that industry.
Abby Wood, NFWS
RFP and FAQ: https://nationalfund.org/good-jobs-challenge-rfp/?emci=93a54870-5f54-ec11-94f6-0050f2e65e9b&emdi=0b072662-7154-ec11-94f6-0050f2e65e9b&ceid=19948913
Anne Kandilis
Is there a link to these slides? thanks!
Andrea Kippur, National Fund
We will post them to the website after this meeting
Anne Kandilis
I have to drop off at 3:30. I appreciate the time you spend with us. Thank you.
Hollie Marston
Good to see you, Anne!
Andrea Kippur, National Fund
We are recording this and will post the recording if you want to see the rest of the call
Anne Kandilis
Thank you Hollie. Thanks everyone.