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How is Affordable Housing Finance Changing? - Shared screen with speaker view
Deborah Myerson
For the panelists: what are on your "wish lists" for creative solutions to boosting the supply of affordable housing? Are there models from elsewhere that you would like to replicate in Indiana?
Sheila Curry-Campbell 1st District Allen Co. Council
How will this affect the QAP for 2022-2023
Jessica Love
We've heard that affordable housing development - LIHTC in particular - is increasingly competitive and is a national competition now, not just competing against local developers. Would you agree? How is this impacting community-based organizations?
John Zody (HAND)
Good morning! I am hearing about changes to the 4% LIHTC program that might be pending in the federal infrastructure bill. Do I have that right, or is there more detail to share?
Jessica Love
We've heard for two or three years that HOME is becoming less and less of a go-to development resource, since the changes that came after the 2013 rule changes. That it's not "worth it". Would each of you agree? Is it being dropped from projects altogether? Can we change this? If so, how? How is this impacting project development? Especially as more money (ARPA) is going into HOME.
John Zody (HAND)
As an entitlement community/funder, can you share detail on how folks think HOME may not be "worth it"? Curious as a new staffer...and with HOME ARP coming down the pike.
Sheila Curry-Campbell 1st District Allen Co. Council
In these uncertain times, we are seeing developers requesting alternate approaches to design that can better adapt to a pandemic like COVID-19 can you speak on this
John Zody (HAND)
Thanks for the conversation, PI and panelists. Have to jump for another meeting.
Mohamed Merzoug
Thanks everyone for your great work. As we all know, Indiana has become a processing center in the Midwest for New Afghan Refugee friends. Can anyone of you shed the light on how the settlement of these families in Indiana will affect the housing market and what can we do to support their smooth transition from camp Atterbury to housing them in our communities? Thanks
Sheila Curry-Campbell 1st District Allen Co. Council
Tiny Homes lot spaces
Aaron Laramore
Aaron LaramoreLISCalaramore@lisc.orgwww.calendly.com/alaramore
Sheila Curry-Campbell 1st District Allen Co. Council
Awesome job thank you so much