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COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach and Education Grant Webinar #1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer ORiley
Are we all muted ? I had a question on the staffing. If a clinic has an injection department that has more than one nurse can both salaries be submitted if under the amount awarded ?
Janice Simons
Is there a minimum goal or number for vaccinations. sometimes the demand goes up , but sometimes drops significantly?
Janice Simons
Not sure what the difference in tier one and tier two is
Melissa Wilson
Can/Should we apply for both Tiers? Or, if we apply and aren't accepted for Tier 2, could we still be considered for Tier 1?
Gabby Anfinsen- Uvalde Memorial Hospital
So I'm understanding Carrie correctly; There is no requirement to administer vaccinations but we can use these dollars for marketing the Covid-19 vaccine and educate the public on the benefits of the vaccine and still be eligible to apply?
Debbie Beck
If we dedicate the staff for this program and they do not give any vaccines in the day, is their salary disqualified for reimbursement for that day? Or if they give one vaccine, only the time they spent with the patient is allowed? Are we sending timesheet for the entire salary? If they are existing staff, can they do their regular job (such as nurse or MA) if they are the ones giving vaccines?
Jennifer ORiley
is it only Covid or other vaccines as well? So if you have a nurse that only gives injections is her whole salary allowed ? Or do we have do we have to give times vaccines were given
mark ritter
Strongly encourage all sites who are not TVFC or ASN to join program immediately if going to be a future vaccinator through this application. In addition, many opportunities to increase revenue through billing of these immunizations.
Janice Simons
If we opened one of our clinics on Saturday with a NP who sees sick patients but speaks with each patient about the vaccine, will the entire 8 hour salary count? or just the 10 minutes of so used to educate patient re: covid vaccine
Patsy Bachman
We'd all like the answer, please.
Jennifer ORiley
sorry I think I am muted it's not working for me. If you are a TVFC and not ASN provider will you still be eligible for the increased reimbursement or do you have to be in both programs ?
Jennifer ORiley
will the answer be sent to everyone ?
Shawn Jimenez
For more information about enrolling as a TVFC provider, please visit this website for more information: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/immunization-unit/texas-vaccines-children-program-immunizations-unit/information-providers-texas-vaccines
Jennifer ORiley
So RHCs are going to be paid for administration even without a face to face visit ?
Jennifer ORiley
I'm speaking but you can't hear me
Shawn Jimenez
For additional ASN information, please email: ASNInfo@dshs.texas.gov
Jennifer ORiley
will this webinar be posted on the TARHC and TORCH websites?
Quang Ngo
yes, we'll post link to both webinar on the grant web page
Brian Roland
Can you capture electric service costs if opening up on weekends for weekend clinic, can you capture gas costs for mobile (van) service
Patty Harper
When you enroll a mobile clinic with Novitas for your RHC, you must list the stops and where and when you will be where. Each stop must be in a HPSA for CMS RHC Compliance.
Patsy Bachman
Does the HPSA need a minimum score?