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2022 State of the State- Virtual Meeting with Keynote: Antonio Delgado - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathryn Dailey
If you are not muted, please do so
Peter Oberacker
My major point is my Senate Bill S5403 which is being moved to eco development committee .. creates a 6.85% tax credit for small business of 100 or less employees... contact me for more information.
John Salka
Sorry but I have to leave. Thank you.
Peter Oberacker
I have to leave to attend committee meetings.... my best to all in 2022
David Poleto
Assemblyman Miller info - millerb@nyassembly.gov (315) 736- 3879 or poletod@nyassembly.gov
Dominick Love
The broadband infrastructure efforts is a topic that I am passionate about. I know that the Otsego Electric Cooperative was part of a "last mile" fiber deployment which included my small town. This infrastructure is important to consumers, businesses and also our emergency services. I think that some of us take broadband internet for granted - but there are still many communities that are underserved.
Tim Johnson
County Board Chairman Bliss, Thanks for the shoutout for OEConnect and Otsego Electric. We are currently serving almost 3200 locations and we will be adding 100 miles more in 2022. Hopefully the federal infrastructure broadband money will help fill more gaps in the future. Tim Johnson
Cassandra Miller
Mayor Mark, do you have a strategic plan and timeline (or committee) for establishing the entertainment district on Market Street?
Luisa Montanti
Mayor Mark, can you elaborate on the Dietz Street building project and what the future occupancy will look like?
Dorothy Wisnewski
For Mayor Drnek: Apart from broadband, are there specific plans yet for attracting and retaining the remote businesses you mentioned? As an online business owner myself, I'd like to see resources and community developed around this.
Dorothy Wisnewski
Thank you @Al and @Kathy and all our speakers!