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Best of CASE District VIII: Advancement Services - Shared screen with speaker view
John Valva, Oregon St
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining.
Paul Heaton (CASE)
Thank you for joining! We are recording this session and will make the recording available.
Callie Kennel, Oregon State
Excited to chat with everyone today. Thanks for attending!
John Valva, Oregon St
Please feel free to add your questions to the chat.
John Valva, Oregon St
Mark, we run a formal legislative advocacy program in unison with the university's government relations office. Reps from that office define the message points, legislative priorities and legislative targets. With their direction, we equip the advocates with message points, scripts and advocacy events. We're lucky... our advocates stay on script for the most part. Does that answer your question?
John Valva, Oregon St
Laura, our fundraising and engagement operations are integrated, with the communications, digital and data teams combined. So, the answer is both. It's branded OSUAA, but we encourage fundraisers to use programs like this to re-engage and steward donors. A decent number of our responses come through those referrals.
Paul Heaton (CASE)
For people at small shops, CASE just published this handbook: Development Metrics for Small Shops (https://store.case.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Store/Product-Details/productId/1416928486/_zs/SqSME1/_zl/u1bV6)
Paul Heaton (CASE)
Also, the CASE Alumni Engagement Metrics Survey is currently open. Details are at https://www.case.org/resources/case-global-alumni-engagement-metrics-survey
John Valva, Oregon St
This webinar has been recorded, and will be posted on CASE Communities. Maybe we can ask our CASE colleagues here to send that link out to all who have registered for today's webinar.
Danielle Rogers, CASE
Thank you all for joining. We appreciate your feedback in a brief survey on this session: https://case.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cutHCEVf1FPnLpQ
John Valva, Oregon St
Thanks everyone for joining today
Paul Heaton (CASE)
And save the date for Drive/ 2022: https://www.case.org/conferences-training/drive-2022