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Learn With The League - It's Not the Town, It's the District! You too can VOTE. - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathy Long
Park Hospital ballots were mailed out on Friday, April 15. If you have not received a Hospital District ballot, you may call 303-482-1002 or send an email to info@ccrider.us.
Cherie Martin - Estes Park, CO
Kathy, We did get our Hospital ballots a couple of days ago. I was interested in something David said. If I understood correctly, the Rec district vote is a poll procedure again this year. I need to look into their dates and hours for that, Evidently they are not sending ballots.
Kathy Long
I received my ballot for the Recreation & Parks District two weeks ago. We need to inquire about this question with Tom.
Cherie Martin - Estes Park, CO
Robin Converse
Rec District ballots were only mailed to people who asked for an absentee ballot on a permanent basis in the last election or this current election.. Otherwise voters need to fill out the ballot at the Polling place in the upstairs area of the Community Center.
Kathy Long
Thanks, Robin
Robin Converse
The EPH ballots were mailed on April 12 and should be delivered this week to registered voters. These can be dropped off at the hospital or mailed using the address on your ballot envelope- it’s in Littleton (and must be received by May 3)
Cherie Martin - Estes Park, CO
That is really helpful info, Robin. Let's publicize that on social media.
Robin Converse
For Mr. Caresello-
Robin Converse
Will the polling place at the Comm Center ONLY be open on May 3?
Jean & Mike
can we drop off absentee ballots at the rec center
Robin - if you received an absentee ballot, you can drop it off during normal business hours in the upper lobby before 7 pm May 3rd; otherwise - yes - the polls will only be open for in-person voting May 3rd from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Robin Converse
Can the absentee ballot be picked up at the Comm Center during regular hours?
Robin Converse
All of you were VERY imformative!! Thank you so much!
Kathy Long
Thank you very much to all of our presenters today. Lots of excellent information
Jean & Mike
Thank you all very informative
Donna Shavlik
Excellent program—thanks to all the participants and and Judy for this special program.
Yvonne Salfinger
Thank-you for all the presentations. Very worthwhile learning about!
Jean & Mike
Must leave. Thanks to the League for yet another informative and timely program.
Donna Shavlik
Please remember that the League has two groups—Voter Services and Recycling participating in the DUCK RACE!
Cathy A.
Thank Donna! Good to call attention to this!
Vicky Henry
Thanks so much for the LWV hosting such an informative program. Thanks also to the speakers for their time and important discussions.