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Rock Point Staff Town Hall - Middle/High - Shared screen with speaker view
jeanette Omarkhail
I am getting questions from teachers about having to cover classes during their planning time if teachers are out sick. They also are concerned about having to more prep with doing online and losing planning time to this or meetings.
Kathy Lennon
What happens if you have a positive case in a high school class? Does the entire school shut down?
Mari Salter
Will faculty have to be tested before school starts?
Ken Collins
what will happen WHEN students or staff refuse to wear masks? Has HCS purchased the needed soap, sanitizer and PPE that may be required?
Jenny Pickard
Questions from Melanie Collins: With lower in person student numbers, will some teachers be moved to virtual teaching? When would we know about placement changes?
Jenny Pickard
Question from Terri Holmes: How many students are too many at the school and not enough at home or vice versa? What if I have 125 students because 50 of them are at home. There will be no social distancing. And who is teaching them at home, a teacher from my school or another school?
Magge Hudgins
Who is teaching the HCS At Home program?
Mari Salter
With Hybrid format, will classes be recorded?? How will it work to teach both in person and online students without adding much more load on the teacher?
Judy Bullington
how can we keep a room safe with no windows that open or a door that opens into another room rather than a hallway.
Ken Collins
Will temps be checked daily before school?
Tracy Daverson
if a family chooses option 2 why are allowing them to still play sports which opens you up to playing against a team from outside your county and within.
Tracy Daverson
and do you think sports really will happen
Amy Medley
Can we work with transportation to tighten up arrival times? If students arrive an hour or more before school starts (as is typical) we won't have enough staff to provide small group supervision.
Whitney Stalans
For teachers who have school age children, if/when we have to go into Phase 2, I know from looking at the reopening plans that school age childcare will be available. Question: How will those students be learning while the are at school age child care?
Kathy Lennon
Thank you, Keith!
Angela Roundy
In Thursday’s Board meeting, one of the Dr.’s mentioned the benefits of face shields over face masks. Will we be able to wear face shields?
Jessica Murphy
Are there specific requirements or guidelines for the types of masks teachers should wear?
Tina Aslinger
Judy,, our windows open with an Allen Wrench.
Jenny Wells
Is there discussion about adjusting the calendar, such as a delayed started to provide more time for teachers to prepare for whatever the final numbers will be for AtHome option versus in Person.
Ruth Farrimond
How will grading be structured for At Home learning? Accountability was a big issue this past spring.
Sally White
Per The Tennessean, Nashville Metro Schools have just announced that they will begin remotely and postpone the opening of buildings until at least Labor Day. How likely do you think it may be that Hamilton County Schools may follow suit, given the current surge?
Rebecca Barukh
I've been teaching for quite a while so I have a large number of sick days saved up. That's not the case for teachers who are just starting their careers. If you are recommending teachers stay home when they have symptoms will there be any flexibility with sick days this year?
Callen Sauls
What does the provision of outside services (PT, OT, speech, etc) look like?
Jenny Pickard
1. Will teachers have to plan for both in person and virtual sessions of their class? Are these supposed to happen simultaneously? 2. How should schools utilize teachers that cannot return due to high risk status? If this teacher is the only one In the building certified for a specific required content area—for example geometry or biology—how will their coursework be taught to students who select in-person instruction?
Mari Salter
What about libraries and use of print resources? Will students be checking books in and out or will that be limited to online resources/databases??
Tracy Daverson
Shane Harwood
Hello to all of the SMMHS teachers on the call! Thanks for participating, and we'll "see" you tomorrow!
Marion Wagner
What defines someone "high risk"? Does this mean exposure to Covid or general immune system issues?
Kathy Lennon
With 94 new cases of COVID in the last 24 hours in Hamilton Co maybe it is a good idea for the District to consider Phase 2 until after Labor Day. This will allow adequate time and supplies to arrange a classroom seating arrangement that works to protect us all. It will allow principals, teachers, and parents time to practice Phase 2 with masks, social distancing, virtual learning, etc., etc., I do not think we need to rush this. We can slow down the process. This is too important.
Mitzi Delker
For students whose parents choose the HCS at Home option, would the student be allowed to come on campus to take a class on campus (i.e. Band, ROTC, speech therapy or other related service) ?
Darlene Johnston
Once a family has chosen to return their student to on-campus learning, will they have the option to change their student back to at-Home learning during the semester, or are they locked in to this decision?
Rebecca Barukh
I have a number of friends who would like to participate in HCS at home but they can't imagine their child being able to literally sit in front of a computer from 8-3. is that the expectation?
Lisa McCall
How can IEP students in at home learning have the same grading expectations and accountability without the supports that they would have in school?
Marion Wagner
Certain assignments that work in a classroom setting don't really translate in an online setting. How will this be addressed?
can you tell us how short term disability will work if we test positive?
Jaime Kerns
So what happens about Quarantining absences in addition to the 2 weeks (ie... students test positive and we have multiple events like that?)
Lisa McCall
If a teacher is High Risk and asks for the accommodation of teaching from home, but then situations improve and we move to Phase 4 can the teacher then return to the building?
Jaime Kerns
What about Singletons in a school if they need to work from home bc of high risk?
Mari Salter
Concerned about how teachers will teach face to face and virtual? Will classes be recorded? Will online students be on computers at the same time as the actual class??
Jamie McCurry
The number of active cases does not include people who are asymptomatic and haven't been tested, how will the HCS plan account for this? Many people, including students, teachers, and staff, could possibly have this virus and not know it. Even with masks being worn by everyone, there is still transmission risk
Kelley Kuhn
piggybacking on Jamie, testing positivity rate should be an additional data point we consider since it is our best indication of if we are testing enough to identify most of those infected.
Amy Medley
For smaller secondary schools providing separate online and in person sections of the same classes will not be possible universally.
CarolAnne Coppinger
Yes, Darlene...you can change to At Home at any time
Jaime Kerns
If our questions haven't been answered, who do we ask?
CarolAnne Coppinger
Amy,, there may be a possibility of teaming up with another small school to meet the needs.
Magge Hudgins
many classes do not translate to online easily which means teachers prep time is doubled every day.
Kandice Turnmire
Maybe, you can send out an email that answers most of the questions after all of the meetings are finished because you may get different questions in each meeting.
Kathy Lennon
Thank you! I appreciate all the work being done by the task force. I know this is not easy.
Jaime Kerns
Thanks for being transparent and being available.
Kandice Turnmire
Thank you for trying to keep us informed! Our principal has done a great job with this as well.
Janet Geerlings
Thank you for this helpful information!
Mari Salter
Thank you for your time!
Jamie Petty
thank you!