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Payment Revolution in Post Pandemic Era - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Beswick
With the proliferation of e-payment products, security is a major concern. Is it feasible to imagine standards for security that everyone will agree to and use, that will be continuously upgraded? How would such security tools be developed, shared and used by all? Who would be the developer{s}?
HG iphone
Jennifer. I’m curious about the ability for governments to manage money supply and digitized currency — is this something the US and EU be willing to transition to?
Neetin Gulati
I wonder if Libra would have had more success if the lead sponsoring company was a financial tech company like PayPal or Visa/MC. FB was likely the wrong messenger.
Larry Poster
The US is clearly behind in global payments. We are also behind in 5G. What's going on?
Larry Poster
Digital payments.
greg brandeau
Thanks to the organizers and the panelists. Super interesting!