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Let’s Talk About Behavior! - Shared screen with speaker view
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What do you do when your child doesn’t know the word “no”?? If we ever tell him no, or not to do something, he’ll do it any way. What’s the best way to handle this?
Lindsey Meiser
jenny, i think you mentioned coaching other kids like cousins how to interact with ours. can you give some examples on that? one of noahs cousins will say things like "noah ruins everything, i don't wanna play with him." i know its hurtful to Noah because he adores his cousin
Thom Nicholas
Emily has her hand up
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how to reduce stimming with kiddos with dual dx of DS and ASD. for instance hitting head
Thom Nicholas
Sorry, we have to drop off. Thank you very much.
Jenny, any ideas for Maxwell - - he now loves to flip over chairs.... He can pull up at the table and likes to walk around the table and knock over the chairs. He will even do it when he is scooting around. He will scoot over to the chairs and knock them over. He just seems to love exploring them (and likely likes the input). And he will do this with all the chairs in our home.... I worked with deep pressure input and throwing balls into a bucket. Just not sure what else to do to help him learn that flipping over chairs is not appropriate.
Camilla Schroeder
i have a question