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BHM Presentation Gelila x ChrisTiana - Shared screen with speaker view
Carol Tyson, DREDF (they/them)
It is recording. Thank you to ChrisTiana ObeySumner, the interpreters and captioner - and to all of you for joining.
Jennifer Mizrahi She/her/her
since we started late, I assume we will go late. I have a hard stop at 130 so please excuse that I will have to leave then. I hope you send around the transcript after this so people can read it separately. I don't want to miss any of it. thanks so much
Lenore Schatz
actors of institutions that have designed, attrition -- attribution -- a fem presenting person long hair in the yellow in a halter -- what is that called, halter top.
Lenore Schatz
Black leggings and red jazzy scooter with their hand up in the air and it says disabilities is an intersection.
Julie Christensen, APSE (she/her)
5 states have eliminated subminimum wage/14c via state legislation: NH, MD, AK, OR, ME.
Julie Christensen, APSE (she/her)
WA state bill passed and is awaiting signature by the Governor.
Lenore Schatz
than five.
Lenore Schatz
Maybe 3%.
Lenore Schatz
And I'm like are you saying that you would create a hostile accommodation process for 95 to 97% of your disabled staff because you are afraid that there might be someone possibly trying to game the system?
Jennifer Mizrahi She/her/her
what does the anti-capitalist mean?
Lenore Schatz
Those are resources to say part as well.
Lenore Schatz
And an intersectional erasure is essentially when there is apathy or lack of regard for the whole happening.
Lenore Schatz
And that dripping is why it's important to have the tools that are resources and awareness so that you can start to look for those leaks and start to turn those off.
Philip Kahn-Pauli (He/Him/His)
As a coalition of organizations with different priorities, how can we best harmonize our efforts on including anti-racism and equity in our collective work? Can the coalition continue to offer equity trainings for member orgs and officers?
Jennifer Mizrahi She/her/her
the CCD is working to advance policies that center ALL people with disabilities, including BIPOC people with disabilities. As we do this, are there ways we can still be attractive to white conservatives in flyover states? For example, to them the expression "anti-capitalism" has a different meaning than just being against sub min wage. It means being against the entire system of capitalism. Could we not say that we are fighting so people with disabilities are viewed and valued equally? how can we speak about these justice issues in a way that goes way beyond the "amen choir"?
Philip Kahn-Pauli (He/Him/His)
Thank you!
Simone Hall (she/her)
Is there an update on Matthew Russian and his case?
Carol Tyson, DREDF (they/them)
Thank you to everyone for joining, and to our speaker. The recording will be made available. Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey. Responses will be anonymous and will used to guide future CCD Anti-Racism efforts: http://bit.ly/CCDSurveyApril2021
Gelila Selassie
Here's more info on Matthew Rushin https://www.pilotonline.com/news/crime/vp-nw-matthew-rushin-20210329-7zithjbqqvf2hj5eilwxdbakn4-story.html
Philip Kahn-Pauli (He/Him/His)
Thank you!
Simone Hall (she/her)
Thank you Gelila!
Carol Tyson, DREDF (they/them)
* Please contact ctyson@dredf.org if you would like to receive a Word document version of the training survey questions.
Lenore Schatz
that you need to be.
Lenore Schatz
You need to be leaning into discomfort.
Erin Prangley (she/her)
Hi. Where's the intersetion between Restorative justice. We need to guard against absolutes in this field.
Aaron Kaufman-JFNA
Will the recordings be sent out .
Virginia Mulgrew
Thank you!
Sara Lynch (she/her)
thank you!
Hannah Eichner
Thank you!!